Areas of Learning on Azkon

Most people on Azkon live and die without traveling more than 10 miles from their home. Learning is often done in the home and in apprenticeships. Your family has been making tables for two-hundred years, you’re going to make tables.

However, some rare few decide to do something else. Each of the lands of Azkon has a major center for learning; these are based around the culture of the lands they are in.


The Library of Arn

One of the two major centers for advanced education, the Library teaches every known subject-no surprise, given the name. While they primarily focus on the magical arts, mundane topics such as potion making, defense, and politics are also taught. Every type of mage is welcome at The Library; the only people banned are those who serve House Kran.


The Great University of Bai Tandros

Located in Lazora, House Kran runs the Great University of Bai Tandros, a center for learning everything that mortals can achieve. The main focus is on mundane subjects: architecture, medicine, science, music, art, mathematics, politics, astronomy, cartography, and horse-breeding. However, The University also teaches about the magical arts to those who choose the path of fighting mages and magical monsters. Mostly the teaching is practical avoidance and resistance to magic, but a very select few are taught how to wield it as well.


The Bards’ College of Maribor

Recently revived by King, and bard, Jorrin Thorn, the Bards’ College of Maribor teaches music, poetry, painting, sculpture, and philosophy. Other subjects are taught as well, but the focus is mostly performance based.


The Equestrian Academy of Hazon City

Centered in the capital of the Hazon Empire is the Equestrian Academy of Hazon City. This is a martial school where advanced tactics, combat, military philosophy and history, as well as the various ways to ride into war (horse, elephant, chariot) are taught. It is rumored that the Hazon Dynasty also develops advanced siege equipment, magical integration into war, and shipbuilding at this school. (If true, this would violate the accords signed at the end of the Lords’ War, First Dynasty War. During that war, magical integration on a massive level was used, this angered the clerics of Nargoth who felt that it deprived individual warriors the chance to show off their prowess and disrespected the God of War. After the war ended, they forced every lord to sign an agreement banning the use of whole-army magical tactics. If the lords refused, the clerics vowed to pull their blessings and destroy the morale of the armies.)


The Vastness

Deep in the Pan Fafnir Mountains stands The Vastness, part temple, part proving grounds, part training grounds, this fortress serves as the location for where The Knights of the Peak train and undergo trials.


The Dancing School of Trimond

The dancing school of Trimond is dedicated to the Goddess Vanaria and focuses mostly on what pleases her, the learning of: dancing, diplomacy, dueling, and lovemaking. In these areas, this school is second to none. Also taught here are skills needed to thrive in Valzenn: mercantilism, shipbuilding, navigation, economics, and banking. The Dancing School also teaches the arts of stealth and assassination; it is a poorly kept secret that lords from every land pay sizable donations to the school in exchange for their services.