Animals and Beasts of Azkon


A translation of  the 7th century C.E. “Animau di Azkonia” Hazon Bestiary
Made and edited by Gregoric F.R.R, Stryde, Grand Archivist of the Library of Arn – 925 C.E.

“Our Terre obey’d and straight

Op’ning her fertile womb teem’d at birth

Innumerous living creations, formed perfections,

Limb’d and fully-bred…

The grassy clods now calv’d and half appear’d

The lion tawny, pawing forth to free

His hinder parts, then springs as broke from bonds,

And rampant shakes his gold’n mane;

The griffon and the serpent, as the mole

Rising, the sunder’d earth above them threw

In hillocks; the swift stag from under ground

Bore up his branching crown; scarce from his mould

Behemoth biggest borne of Terre upheav’d

His vastness; fleec’t the flocks and shining rose

As flora; ambiguous between sea and land

The hippocampus and scaly basilisk.”

-Paradisius di Hazonia Impyrian: vii, pp. 4-32, written by Vaius Veraxus in 687 C.E.



By the eminent graces of our majesty, Emperor Drax Razkar, first of his name, this translation of the original “Animau di Azkonia” is an updated version that contains new specifications and information, as well as expanded documentation on the fauna of our great and diverse land. The translation from Old Hazonian (Langue di Arakatzia Ancien) to the common tongue of Moderne Azkonian is to better cater to the masses of Greater Azkon, including Houses Thorn, Kran, and Dranir, so as to provide fair intelligence to those that may not be as well versed in the elder language.

However, it should be mentioned that not all collected data upon these creatures are listed here, as the Hazon Imperial Archive and the Library of Arn contain the additional information that has been gathered upon these various subjects. To include such extraneous additions would heavily increase the volume of this script, which would make its transcription and distribution a far more expensive and laborious task.

This version is meant to be a concise and well-managed source of information regarding Azkonian beasts that all peoples of the Hazon Empire might read and learn from with pleasure. Thank you, dear reader, for your interest in the natural philosophies of our beautiful world and the creatures that reside within. Your patronage and desire to learn inspires all of us who work tirelessly in the acquisition of knowledge.

Lion – “Leone”

Large deadly feline predators that stalk the plains of the Wilds and in southwestern Hazon .


Tiger – “Tigris”

Much like their lion cousins, but have stripes on their orange fur. They can be found in the northern Kran jungles.


Griffin – “Gryphon”

Large winged beasts with the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion. They are reclusive and rare to find, but there have been sightings in the Hazon deserts and the Wild Plains.


Serpent – “Sarpente”

A limbless reptile that range in size from small to large. They can be found in almost any climate and location save for a wintry one.


Elephant – “Eliphante”

Large tusked creatures with a trunk that are generally harmless unless provoked. Can be found in northern Hazon or the western mountains.


Hippocampus – “Hippocampe”

Large sea-horse that travels through the coastlines of northern Hazon. Very rare.


Horse – “Hippos”

Four legged steed that serve as great mounts for travel. Can mostly be found in central Hazon, Kran lands, Garresh, and the Eastern mountains.


Rabbit – “Rabitte”

Harmless little animal with big ears that can be found in most places except for the jungles of Western Lazora.

Sparrow – “Spaerro”

Common little bird that can be found nearly everywhere.


Salamander – “Salamandre”

Small amphibious creatures that can be found in the marshes, lakes, and rivers of Lazora, Garresh, Valzenn, and the Wild Plains.


Giant Salamandre – “Salamandre Gigante”

Large amphibious creatures with large snapping mouths and sharp teeth that can be found in the same places as their smaller cousins. Some varieties have been known to spit fire.


Manticore – “Mandicorre”

Large beast with the body of a lion, the tail of a scorpion, and the fanged face of a man that can be found roaming the barren wastes of the central Hazon Deserts and occasionally in the savannas of the Wild Plains. Extremely dangerous and hostile.


Deer – “Daerro”

A medium-to-large four-legged mammal that wanders in herds and eats vegetation. Males tend to have antlers while females do not. They can be found throughout Garresh, the Wild Plains, northern Valzenn, and southern Lazora.


Giant – “Gigante”

Massive lumbering humanoids that use primitive weapons and speak a simple, yet crude language. Generally peaceful unless threatened or very hungry. Found only in the Grey Mountains.


Spider – “Spidyrre”

Tiny eight-legged insectoids that often create silky webs to trap their prey. Most are harmless, but some have venom that can range from mildly irritating to deadly. Can be found most anywhere.


Giant Spider – “Spidyrre Gigante”

Much larger variants of spider that live in dark caves, dungeons, and old ruins that wait for their prey to foolishly fall into their sticky traps. Found in the same locations as their smaller cousins.


Eagle – “Aequille”

Mid-sized bird of prey that is found in all of the mountain regions, the Hazon deserts, Garresh woodlands, the Wild Plains, and Lazora.

Found in the same locations as their smaller cousins.

Wolf – “Adolve”

Mid-sized four legged canine that hunt in packs throughout Garresh, southern Lazora, both mountain ranges, the Wild Plains, and Valzenn.


Wyvern – “Vyverra”

Large winged lesser dragon-kin with two wings and two legs and a long elongated neck. They do not breathe fire, but have sharp teeth and are hostile to those that intrude upon their territory. Can be found in the Lazoran jungles, and the northern Grey Mountains.


Badger – “Bajerro”

Small to mid-sized four-legged rodent with a penchant for violence if threatened, but generally are peaceful and will avoid you usually. Are found in most forested regions.


Antelope – “Parandrelos”

Deer-like medium sized animal with horns that roam the Wild Plains and southern Lazora.


Elk – “Alacca”

A larger variety of deer-like animal with large antlers that live in southern Garresh, northern Valzenn, and the Dragon’s Peak Mountains.


Basilisk – “Vasilica”

An extremely large serpentine creature with large venomous fangs and eyes that if directly looked upon can cause instant paralysis. Basilisks are rare and typically only found in the Wild Plains and Valzenn, but are very dangerous.


Unicorn – “Uniceros”

Majestic horse-like creature with a single horn upon the crown of its head said to have powerful magical properties. Unicorns are extremely rare and have only been sighted in uncivilized lands.


Drake – “Drago-Mil”

Wingless dragon-kin with long claws and a voracious appetite. They are reclusive, but dangerous. Drakes have only been found in the Dragon’s Peak Mountains.


Boar – “Borreas”

A common relation to the pig that is generally larger and stronger than its cousin, as well as possessing potentially dangerous tusks. Found in most areas of Garresh, Valzenn, and Lazora.


Dog – “Dogge”

Four-legged canine accustomed to human interaction and living amongst civilization. Can be very small or rather big and can be trained to either be friendly and helpful or dangerous and mean.


Whale – “Balaene”

Massive sea-mammal with large fins and a gaping mouth meant to consume great amounts of tiny sea creatures. Generally harmless, but will protect itself if needed. Only found in the oceans.


Fish – “Pascos”

Common sea creature that swims in the rivers, lakes, and oceans of the world. They can be small and harmless or large and dangerous. Normally small and harmless.


Bear – “Ursos”

Large hairy mammal with big claws and sharp teeth that hibernates during the winters. They are dangerous but will not approach humans unless threatened or starving. Can be found in Garresh, the Wild Plains, and the Dragon’s Peak Mountains.


Crocodile – “Krocodil”

River and marsh dwelling reptile that can be rather small or very huge. They have long snapping jaws and can be very dangerous. Normally found in Western Lazora or northern Valzenn. One unusual subspecies appears to inhabit the areas around the Library of Arn. A mummified version was recently found and greatly endangered travelers. It, seemingly, transferred a variant version of mummy rot that was so persistent that no spell could remove it. It was eventually removed through an elaborate ritual to Odara in which the disease was passed back to an unaffected crocodile, thus pleasing the goddess and maintaining the existence of the rot.


Chimera – “Chimaera”

Large mythical beast with the heads of a lion, a goat, and a dragon. It has lion front-claws, dragon wings, a goat’s hind legs, and a snake for a tail. Chimeras are very rare and difficult to find, but have been known to be highly dangerous and aggressive. They have been sighted in the Wild Plains and Grey Mountains.


Hippogriff – “Hippogryph”

Similar to a griffin, but with the hind portions of a horse and the front portions of a bird of prey. Also very rare, having only been sighted in the Dragon’s Peak Mountains and Eastern Valzenn.


Harpy – “Caladria”

Semi-sentient humanoids with bird wings and legs. They are reclusive and have a very simple barbaric society. Harpies can be found in the Wild Plains and the Grey Mountains.


Jackalope – “Galakops”

A rare medium-sized creature in the Wild Plains that looks like a large rabbit with antlers.


Octopus – “Oktoripas”

Tentacled invertebrates that make their home in the Sundered Sea. They can be tiny, medium-sized, or very large. Normally not dangerous unless threatened.


Squid – “Skaaid”

Very similar to the octopus but with a conical head. Large variants of squid can be aggressive.


Kraken – “Krakoori”

An incredibly massive invertebrate similar to the squid and octopus, but with multiple heads and many more tentacles. Nobody has ever seen the entirety of a Kraken’s body. Such is its size. However, they are extremely rare and are only seldom seen in the Sundered Sea.


Pegasus – “Fegasis”

Much like a horse, but with wings that allow it to fly. They are very rare and have only been sighted in the Wild Plains.


Cat – “Chatte”

A small four-legged mammal common to all areas with many variants. It is a cousin to animals such as lions, tigers, etc. Often kept as pets.


Pig – “Porgus”

Four-legged hooved mammals with stunted snouts that primarily live in Garresh and Lazora. A great source of food.


Dolphin – “Dauphin”

Medium-to-large sea creatures that are normally rather harmless and playful, but can protect itself well when it needs to. Only found in the oceans.


Hydra – “Hydrae”

A legendary and massive reptilian creature with many long snake heads and sharp claws. Hydras are very rare and have only been found in distant marshes within the Wild Plains and southern Valzenn. Extraordinarily dangerous.


Phoenix – “Faenix”

Mythical bird of prey that becomes immolated and turns to ash upon death before soon being reborn. They are among the rarest of all beasts and have only ever been seen in the Hazon deserts.


Goose – “Gosse”

A common water-dwelling bird that migrates with the seasons. Normally harmless, but will bite you if you threaten it. Found everywhere.


Swan – “Svanne”

Much like a goose, but generally larger and far more beautiful. Can be found in Garresh.


Mouse – “Mausse”

Tiny mammal that scurries about fields, farms, forests, and everything in between. A common pest and carrier of disease.


Rat – “Ratte”

Very similar to its mouse cousin in almost all respects save that it tends to be larger and more aggressive.


Turtle – “Tortalle”

Sea-dwelling reptiles with shells on their backs and have fins to swim. They can be found both in and out of the water around the Hazon coast.


Tortoise – “Tortosa”

Land-dwelling cousins of the turtle with feet rather than fins. Can be found in Lazora, Garresh, Valzenn, and the Wild Plains.


Shark – “Zarku”

Medium-to-large sea predators that hunt in groups and will eat human on occasion. Larger variants are only found in the sea, but some smaller types can be found in the lakes and marshes of Lazora and Valzenn.


Gorgon – “Gorgo”

Very rare humanoid creatures with scales and snakes upon the top of their heads. Their gaze can paralyze and their teeth are sharp. They have only been encountered in Valzenn and are rather dangerous.


Siren – “Sirenna”

Sea-dwelling humanoids with the lower half of a fish. They sing hauntingly beautiful songs to attract their preferred prey, lost sailors. Sirens are rare, but dangerous. They have only been found in the Sundered Sea.


Bat – “Batte”

Small flying mammal that live in dark places and come out at nighttime. Some varieties of bat feed off of blood, but are generally harmless to humanoids. Mostly found within the Dragon’s Peak Mountains and Valzenn.


Saber Cat – “Chatte Sabre”

Very large felines with enormous fangs that roam the Wild Plains. They are very territorial and aggressive and should be treated with caution.


Mammoth – “Mammastos”

Very similar to their elephant cousins, but tend to be larger and covered in fur. Mammoths frequent the colder southern steppes of the Wild Plains.


Kobold – “Kabaldi”

Diminutive semi-intelligent humanoids with primitive tribal lifestyles. Kobolds generally live underground and fight in swarms, but are individually very weak. Mostly found in the mountains and hills of any region.


Goblin – “Gothren”

Similar to kobolds, but smarter and more cunning. Goblins have more complex and nuanced societies and have been known to create their own tiny “kingdoms”. Goblins tend to live in forests or plains.


Orc – “Ork”

The much larger and stronger cousins of Goblins, Orcs are seen as sentient beings, but are still considered to be less intelligent than civilized races. Orcs live tribal lifestyles, often alongside Goblins, Trolls, or Ogres and will unite on occasion to wage war against superior societies. Will live anywhere they can make a living.


Ogre – “Ogros”

Ogres are in the same family as Goblins and Orcs, but are far larger, stronger, and usually dumber. Ogres mostly live with Orcs and generally are subservient to them, but Ogres have been known to interact with their Ogre-kin brethren.


Troll – “Chrulle”

Trolls are behaviorally similar to Ogres and will live with Orcs as well, but technically are not related. Trolls are bigger than Orcs, smaller than Ogres, and are just about as intelligent as Goblins. They are highly vulnerable to fire, but otherwise are very resistant to most forms of damage.