Dark Elves tend to be insular in nature, a consequence of life in the perilous deeps below. Considered evil by many, amoral by others, they are more complicated than that simplistic viewpoint would imply. Dark Elves are generally concerned with the advancement of clan and family in either status or power, and any perceived weakness detrimental to this effort is swiftly (and harshly) dealt with.

Demeanor: Ever attempting to “enlighten” the other races with Dark Elven views (for their own good, of course), differing opinions are marginalized and disregarded. They are always willing to sacrifice the injured, if they will not recover to some usefulness, or any who are consuming more resources than strictly necessary. While Dark Elves as a whole detest Fae and view them as usurpers and nuisances, there is very little understanding nowadays concerning why most Dwarfs treat Dark Elves with open hostility.

Inclinations: Implying that a Dark Elf is actually evil is a grave insult as would be any comment or action that dishonors (or mocks) their clan, house, or self. Discussion of private business around third parties is frowned upon as unwise. They dispense their version of justice swiftly and without remorse. Dark elves linger in the shadows when above ground if possible, as spending long hours in the sun is considered unseemly. They believe the best time to make a wish is at dusk.

Lifespan: Up to 500 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Pointed ears are a must, as well as black or grey makeup on all exposed skin. If you do not have naturally lighter colored hair, a white, silver, red, blonde, or similarly colored wig must be worn. Any existing facial hair must be kept short and neatly trimmed.