Dress Code

Above all things, LARPing is about having fun and sharing an experience with others! No one expects you to come to your very first game with a perfect costume. However, we do have some suggestions of what would fit our setting and some things we’d rather you didn’t wear.

Kanarak follows a medieval/fantasy theme, and that means there are a WIDE array of things that will fit somewhere in that category. From a basic tunic and pants all the way up to fancy looking robes or armor made from leather and metal; however, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and spend big bucks before your first game (or ever!). Here are some tips:


  • Start small, and shoot for practicality!
    • Try to avoid dropping a lot of money until you know LARPing is a hobby you truly enjoy.
      • Going all out is awesome! And totally not required to look great!
    • Consider your footwear carefully–being in the woods means uneven ground is part of the experience!
  • Consider layering fabrics like wool, linens, and cotton to create your perfect look!
  • Use darker or natural colors
  • Think about adding trinkets (belts, rings, chains) to give your outfit flavor
    • A simple leather belt goes a long way, and can make a huge difference!
  • What’s the weather forecast? Dress accordingly!


(These things are not acceptable, we’ll ask you to fix it–Hide it, take it off, borrow some garb, etc.)

  • Clothing with any words or logos
  • Bright, neon colors (situational on usage)
  • Denim (Jeans)
  • Modern items (phones, watches, sunglasses, etc)
  • Sneakers (situational on appearance)
  • ANY open toed footwear!
  • Any costumes that clearly reference something in the modern world.
    • The Legend of Zelda is great, and Link/Zelda costumes done well, are really cool…but never here.
  • Anything common sense would rule out for safety reasons such as sharp metal edges or spikes!


  • A pair of inside out sweat pants and work boots is a fine way to start.
  • Don’t let the desire for the “perfect outfit” keep you from wearing one that is “good” (or worse yet, keep you from coming)
  • A simple but effective outfit will outshine wearing “all the things!™” Complexity is not automatically quality.
  • Often small details can turn street clothes into larping clothes–throw some furs and a belt over dark pants, boots, and a beige sleeveless shirt and you’re a ruthless barbarian from the far north! Find an inexpensive vest and cut the buttons off–now you have a sleeveless tunic.
  • Start with your torso (including arms), then your head (hat, hairstyle, tattoos, makeup), then accessories, then legs, and finally shoes (with the right torso, arm, and head costume you can get away with less traditional shoes and pants/skirts for years)
  • Find someone you know who knows how to sew, knit, crochet, rivet, weld, staple and ask them about making you a birthday/holiday present of a larping item.
  • Explore YouTube and Pintrest for ideas
  • Local thrift shops (Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc) can be a great source for clothing that can be used as is or easily re-purposed.
  • Go to Renaissance Faires! They are great fun, and there are often a range of clothing options at a wide range of prices.
    • The closest Ren Faire is the Bristol Ren Faire, which is about two hours away from the Kanarak playing field and runs every weekend from mid July to early September. There are other faires in Michigan and Ohio, and all over the country.
  • Your fellow larpers often make and sell goods of their own, so do ask around! You might be able to find what you want at great prices, or commission someone to create a one-of-a-kind thing just for you, all while supporting local business.