Online Role-play: A Primer

Basic guidelines for role playing online!

When you role play in the Kanarak In-Game Posts group, keep in mind these easy rules!


Keep it PG13! Just like we have youth that attend Kanarak events, many of our younger players also enjoy role playing online so please mind your word choices!

Keep it In-Game

Post as your character, and stay in character! Please do not respond to anything from an Out-Of-Game perspective. If you have something awesome to say to a fellow player or want to have an Out-Of-Game conversation, consider sending them a private message!


“Meta-gaming” is where your character knows things that you as a player know, but the character should not. Regarding current events and discussion, what you know must always be separate from what your character knows. If your character was not present, role-play knowing nothing!


Similarly to writing a backstory, while role-playing online your character may not:

  • Randomly give themselves items, magical items or wealth.
  • Perform any legendary feats such as slaying a dragon, assassinating a king, or conquering the Lower Plane of existence.
  • Grant themselves a Lordship, Barony, Knight-hood, or any other title.

Courtesy in Role-play

  • Avoid using another players character in your scene or adventure without asking them first, this is also a great heads up that something is about to happen online that they may want to keep an eye out for!
  • We suggest that you do not try to adversely affect another player’s character or a major NPC. They have a tendency to come back to life and hunt down their attackers!
  • You may not role-play for or on behalf of another person’s character online, just like you can’t play as another persons character at our events!

Plot Team

Marshals and Plot staff can and will at times respond to any post made to the In-Game group as they see fit. They may also post on what your character is doing, or what is happening to them.

Join in the fun!

As long as you follow these guidelines, you’re sure to have a great time role-playing between events in the Kanarak In-Game Posts group!

Need help?

To both new and established players, if you don’t know where to start or are unsure about your post, feel free to send a message to either Andrew Haff or Sean Jung!

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