Spell Casting

Concerning spell effects, casting volume, casting speed, and counting down!

Concerning spell effects, casting volume, casting speed, and counting down!

Spell Effects

Casters, please be sure to review the rules carefully and know your own spells and abilities. While magic can be a (literal) blast, it also can have a bit of a learning curve therefore always be prepared to quickly explain what your spell does if asked. Casting all sorts of spells both good and bad upon your fellow characters is a great way to help them learn some of the more common effects, and can make for some fun role play!

Casting Volume

The act of casting a spell is supposed to be loud and proud, so don’t be stealthy about it! I have personally observed that spell casting seems to have slowly moved to either a whisper, mutter, or low tone. Spell casters must incant loud enough that someone 10 to 20 feet away can hear you speaking. The gold standard for casting is Andrew H. with Brokkr; I think we have all heard him almost bellowing his incantation as he runs up casting Divine Blast. Casting should always be loud, not sneaky and quiet!

Casting Speed

“Don’t mumble, or speed through your incantation.” Straight from our rule book, a speedy nigh-incomprehensible incantation is just not ok. Spell casting at Kanarak involves invoking your personal abilities or perhaps a higher power, and therefore the very act of casting a spell should reflect this kind of internal focusing of energy or reaching for the aid of that power. Casting as fast as humanly possible might feel like a winning strategy, but it’s not fair to everyone else, so tap those brakes and slow it down!

The Countdown

After you incant a spell, you may count down from 10 to 1 before you have to either use it (throw the packet) or lose it (blow the spell). Always perform this count verbally at a normal incanting volume so that it can be heard by other players in the immediate area. Same volume of your original incant or slightly less would be ideal here. No mumbling, no cheese, and don’t try to drag it out, either!

Let’s Wrap It Up

Remember that LARPing is really all about collaboration, participating in and contributing to the story, and last but not least creating some awesome memories with the people around us. It’s very much in our all of our best interests to do things that improve that role play experience for others and by extension for yourself, and a part of that does mean following the rules for game play. We totally encourage shooting for dramatic, over the top theatrics! Be really impressive like Gandalf on the bridge in Moria if that’s your thing, just don’t be Speedy Gonzales!

In Summary

  1. Know your spells and be able to explain them.
  2. Cast loud and proud, not quietly!
  3. Cast at a normal speed, don’t rush.
  4. Countdown at a normal volume and speed.
  5. Cast in ways that create a better role play experience for all.

For my part I will be monitoring spell use and politely correcting players who are not casting correctly. That is, so long as I am not wearing my bucket of a helmet. Can’t hear anything at all in that thing!

Thanks and see you in game!

-John Wells




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