Heimoda is the only Dark Elf city on Azkon.

Government of Heimoda

Considered evil by many, amoral by others, Dark Elves are more complicated than that simplistic view. Dark Elf society is very insular, by nature of being underground. Small caverns, like that of Heimoda, hold up to ten families. Each family sends their most competent member, as chosen by them, to the clan council. The rule of the council is absolute and unquestionable, and dissent is met with ruthless efficiency.


Ethos of Heimoda

The primary concern of Dark Elves is the advancement of their clan and family. They will pursue this so single-mindedly that others will often see their actions as malicious. In reality, it comes from an authoritarian viewpoint that any weakness is detrimental to the whole. Dark Elves are never opposed to disposing of those who are injured to the point of being less useful, and to those members who consume more resources, such as healing, food, clothing, and the like, than they are worthy of.

Dark Elves, contrary to popular belief, do not enjoy watching others suffer. When they must kill for what they consider the greater benefit of their society, they do so quickly and painlessly. Any wasted effort in the disposing of enemies is considered distasteful by Dark Elves, for it shows you let your emotions guide your judgement.

Dark Elves are driven by the desire to achieve what they consider their birthright as descendents of First Men. They wish to return to the power and status that First Men held long ago, before the Fae uprising. Dark Elves will go to no end to seek power. To that end, they have no hesitation to allow other mortal races to work with them, and they will educate others in their philosophies, so that all may achieve the benefits of unity and order. A common thing you would hear a dark elf saying would be “Yes, I am better than you, but allow me to show you how to be like me.” Or “You may not like this now, but your children will thank us for doing it.”

Dark Elves as a whole detest Fae. While they may be exiles, Dark Elves will not suffer the presence of a Fae for very long.


Justice in Heimoda

Dark Elf justice is considered by most who have studied it to be a very passionless, yet fair system. They dispense justice swiftly and without remorse. The higher crimes, such as murder and treason, are punished by death. Lesser crimes are dealt with by having the guilty party provide a service to the injured party, which is set by the council.


Recent History on Azkon

Until recent years on Azkon, Dark Elves have remained figures out of legend (typically involving the draining of souls through physical contact) similar to Shamblemen or other folk monsters. With the Rift Crisis and the coming of the heroes from Silver Hill, Dark Elves have been introduced to the continent and have been met with fear but not open aggression from most Azkonians. A small number of Dark Elves existed on the continent prior to the Rift Crisis; mostly they were kept in captivity in the Hazon Empire.


Religion in Heimoda

Dark Elves follow a range of gods, but rarely the Lords of Darkness.

Dark Elves could follow Belendor in their seeking for family/clan power though the destruction of people/ideas/laws that limit their power, but their overall idea of raising up society by submission to Dark Elf control leads them to focusing on changing others rather than destroying them; most dark elves worship Enoth.