Description: They are us and we are them!

Location: Humans on Azkon can come from any of the following areas:

  • House Thorn–agrarian and traditionalist culture
  • The Hazon Dynasty–imperialist culture
  • The Province of Jade–honor and imperialist culture, they are recent arrivals and little is known about them
  • House Dranir–mercantile and coastal-traders
  • The Knights of the Peak–honor based society made up of knights, wardens, and warriors
  • The Library of Arn–heavy magic users and knowledge gatherers
  • House Kran–aggressively anti-magic
  • The “Unclaimed Lands” that essentially make up the middle of the continent. (Mostly nomadic cultures)


Demeanor: Of all the races, humans have the most variety in appearance and demeanor. However, depending on where they are from they may have certain mannerisms.


Insults: Humans on Azkon are insulted when confused with any other race, as they pre-date all other races on the continent and view others as intruders. Humans are also insulted when it is implied that any other race is superior to humans.

Taboos: It is considered back luck to watch another being walk away. It is implied that one will not see them again.

Superstitions: Anything that is pyramid shaped is considered back luck (links to Hazon Dynasty)