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This page can connect you to everything you need to know about the races, factions, gods, and magic of the world we play in.

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There are many races you can play at Kanarak. From the proud and stalwart dwarf to the honorable and fierce kithrix, each race has their own ways of viewing the world they live in. Most people start their lore journey here.


Houses (Factions)

There are six factions in our game, each is driven by a philosophy. Some are in direct competition, others try to form alliances, and others still would prefer to go it alone. To learn more about the faction your character should join, click here.



The gods are an active part of our game. Actions your character takes will bring you favor or punishment from the gods. To find out more, and to find which god(s) your character would follow, click here.



Spell Schools (Magic)

There are many schools of magic in our game, each driven by a different philosophy or goal. Find out which one fits your idea for your character here.




The World

The Great Continent of Azkon, one of the greatest landmasses in the entire world, is where the Rift will take the inhabitants of Silver Hill. A land south of Arkatia that was long ago connected with it, was now split from it horizontally by miles and miles of sea, connected only by a thin valley of mountains near impassable by man. The land split hundreds of years ago, when the first Great Quake happened. The Great Quake split the Silver City of Hazon, one of the largest and wealthiest cities of Arkatia, in two.

The Southern half of this once great city continued it’s reign over Azkon for nearly another 100 years, under the Empire of Hazon. During their reign, they continued the normal practices of Arkatia, most notably enslaving the locals. This however, would be their downfall. The slaves rose up, as did the local tribes, under one banner, led by Olmir Thorn. After a hard-fought 6-year war, they were eventually able to free themselves, and drive back the Empire to the most northern part of the city. The survivors of the Empire have not been heard from in the nearly forty years since.

After the war was over, six of Olmir’s greatest and most trusted allies were given hold of the forts once used by the Empire. Over the next forty years, the alliances made between them would soon diminish, and would lead to fights over land and more importantly, resources. While nearly all of the different groups have allies, they have just as many enemies.

Our world is set 40 years after the rebellion against the Hazon Dynasty with various factions and races struggling for dominance or mere survival.