Anti-Magic Manifesto

On the Fall of the First Men

When the gods were young and humanity first walked the earth, we were one with Fate, the universe, and creation. We lived without care and did not die. We were few in number, perhaps merely a few hundred, and were divine in nature–of the gods yet not gods ourselves. Today, those beings were called the First Men, and it is through the transgression of magic that we fell and became corrupted.

It is hard to think of the gods as beings who make mistakes, but what can one say about the elevation of First Men to demi-god status but a mistake? The newly-raised gods betrayed their creators and waged a war across creation, and when they were inevitably cast down they cursed their former First Men. That was our first taste of the evil that was magic. It was not the natural forces of creation and destruction, it was something else.

On the Corruption of Magic

When the First Men fell, we sought to regain our divine heritage through any means that we could. Understandably, some turned to magic, hoping it would restore their status. Where magic came from, none can say. Some say it is from the power of Kannath, and perhaps that is true. Perhaps, like the fallen Fae, he has become corrupted and leads mortals astray. More likely, the source of all magic is Belendor, ever the deceiver, tricking mortals into thinking their powers come from Aranayan or other “good” gods. However, why either or both have not been struck down by the other powers remains a mystery. Nonetheless, magic became the bane of purity–the divine heritage that we once had.

It is obvious that magic works against purity, directly after the Fall of the Fae and the cursing of humanity, we retained a small amount of our divine heritage, but over a few generations that heritage eroded. Can it be coincidence that in those first few generations we also discovered, and played wildly with, magic? It is not coincidence.

On the Inherently Evil Nature of Magic and the Nature of Anti-Magic

Some may argue that not all magic is inherently evil, but they are misguided at best and corrupt at worst. It is plain to see that the temptations of magic lead to increasingly devious acts as magic users become more obsessed with the power they believe that they have over others. Why is it that so many magic users experiment on innocents or fall victim to dark rituals? None who follow the path of purity do that, only apostates who have abandoned the path towards restoring our divine heritage through obedience to the gods and refusal to practice the magic “arts” do such things.

Some others argue that the use of anti-magic is in fact magic, for they do not see how it can be anything else. However, they do not understand. Is the pain of resetting a broken limb the same as that of breaking it? It may feel the same to the one undergoing the healing, but clearly one pain is damaging and the other healing. So, too, is anti-magic a healing art, for it removes the stain of corruption and restores purity.

Is it possible that good can be done through the use of magic? It is not possible! Although apparent good may be perceived, any use of magic continues to corrupt. In the same way, some who over-rely on magic to heal, and do not understand true healing, believe that leeching can help the afflicted. This is the same nonsense as the use of magic. Both are less than useless, both harm. The TRUE goal of magic users, even if they themselves do not realize it, is to undermine the gods and attempt to take control of their powers.

On Events Recent and Future

As to the explanation and causes of recent events, it is clear that magic is a danger in this world. The rift crisis, which killed unknown thousands and vanished thousands more, was clearly the result of magic. And the current lack of magic and connection with gods across the lands is no doubt due to the meddling of mortals. It should be seen as a mixed blessing that magic is no more. Perhaps without its corrupting influence, mortal beings will be able to lift the veil and be able to understand the benefits of purity.

About House Kran and our Axioms

While some may see my people as zealots, we do not burn and torture every hedge witch who heals a broken leg. Our focus is on those who do greatest harm to Azkon and its people, the magic users who experiment on others, murder, or otherwise try to use their powers for self-gain at the expense of their neighbors. Although some day, we should be so lucky as to live in a world so peaceful that the hedge witch has no need to heal limbs.

Our laws forbid any from practicing magic, and in fact, if a magic user were to enter your house, you would be well to burn it down or see that it is properly purified by Kran Inquisitors and your household goods divided and sold at public auction to lessen any effect of possible magical corruption.

In closing, it is consonant with reason that those things that are done on behalf of the common good should also be confirmed through the common approval, lest the ignorant and apostate think we are basing our conclusions on anything other than the best interest of mortals and divine will.



Aemon Kran