Death’s Headsman

Written by Ulcifer Montayn, Historian of the Library of Arn on Januarie Thirteenth, year 1017, Age of the Golden Sun.

The Death’s Headsman of Hazon was the Knight-Commander of the knights of Dragon’s Peak who had declared their loyalty towards the Dynasty rather than the Lords of the Peak. He is known for employing ruthless and brutal methods in war, having served in both the first and second Dynasty wars, and is the Lord-Commander of the Chevalier Order of the Hazon Dynasty.

The Death’s Headsman’s real name is Sir Vernus Xalthor, a Fae born in Hazon city from parents exiled from their realm. Possessing a natural gift with magic, particularly with the element of fire, Vernus was set on being trained as a mage of Arn, but was considered to be too aggressive and undisciplined to be allowed to learn advanced powers that they feared he may use for dark and savage purposes. So great was their fear that they blacklisted Vernus, preventing him from being taught magic in any official capacity by anybody, including the mages of Hazon.

However, Vernus was a very talented warrior as well, so when the Knights of Dragon’s Peak were being reformed, he was among those that joined, including other great warriors such as Sir Dalforte. It was not very long after the newly titled Sir Xalthor gained his knighthood that the first Dynasty war broke out. Though most knights wanted to side with Olmir Thorn and his rebellion, many others wanted to declare their loyalty to the Hazon Empire, including Sir Dalforte and Sir Xalthor, the both of whom were regarded as close friends.

As Sir Dalforte rode to immediately join General Narshaddar’s Hazon army, Sir Xalthor and his men made their way back to Hazon lands, where they were welcomed back by the Emperor, who re-knighted them as Chevaliers, Imperial Knights of the Hazon Dynasty. It was then that Sir Xalthor learned that due to the Library of Arn siding with the rebellion, the blacklist no longer applied to him and that he could seek training with the mages of Hazon.

While he led the Chevaliers as its Lord-Commander, Sir Xalthor began his magic training in earnest, and did not hesitate to try out a new spell on whatever unfortunate soul he happened to be fighting that day. However, despite his rapid progress, Sir Xalthor was still frustrated by what he perceived to be a lack of power compared to others. He often expressed jealousy over Sir Dalforte’s greater expertise in combat as well as his lack of knowledge of magic and spells.

After a battle in Garresh where Sir Xalthor and his chevaliers defeated and captured a contingent of knights from Dragon’s Peak, a Demon Lord of Fire encountered the Lord-Commander and offered to grant him immense powers and to teach him advanced magics if he were to personally execute them and offer their souls to the Demon Lord. Sir Xalthor accepted and beheaded every single person captured as their spirits wafted towards the shadow of the Demon Lord, giving Vernus Xalthor the new name of the “Death’s Headsman”.

For killing the knights that he had once considered family, Sir Xalthor had been infused with the spirit of the Demon Lord and his horse transformed into a demonic nightmare steed. The man had been completely changed since he took part of that wicked ritual. No longer would he smile or laugh or do anything that would bring joy to the world. He was the brooding shadow that brought fiery death to his enemies. Finally, Vernus had the power that he wished.

Though the Hazon Dynasty lost the first war, the Death’s Headsman and his chevaliers continued to enforce the will of the Emperor throughout the Hazon Empire in its years of peace. During the second Dynasty war, Sir Xalthor led the advance Hazon regiments in their assault of Maribor, capital of Garresh. Though it was General Azael Lazure who officially led the army during the battle, Sir Xalthor himself commanded the Hazon legions on the ground, where he butchered every single Garreshian man, woman, and child he came across. Such was his bloodthirst, that the Death’s Headsman  ordered the complete and utter destruction of the city and all of its people.

Even after the end of the war, with Empress Zynnera Razkar now on the throne, Sir Vernus Xalthor has been declared “a relic of a barbarous age and no longer representative of the Hazon Dynasty.”

It is rumored that his dismissal, at the hands of the Empress, did not go over well. It is further rumored that he kidnapped her younger brother and fled the capital with the most loyal of his followers.