Hazon Dynasty

Hazon (Capital Hazon City) is a desert country north of Garresh, and is ruled by the Imperial Razkar family. Empress Zynnera Razkar took over after her brother died. Her first decision was to broker peace with the Thorns, in exchange for access to rivers her country greatly needed and King Thorn’s younger brother Evnan Thorn as her husband. The Hazon Empire controlled the continent until the various houses rebelled against their rule. They ruled through fear and slavery, which Zynnera has decreed will no longer be Hazon’s path. This has been met with mixed reactions amongst the general populace. Most recently, the Hazon Empire has claimed the Wild Plains in an attempt to gain “peace through unity.”


House Thorn

Garresh (Capital Maribor) is ruled by House Thorn, and is mostly a farm country. The people who live there tend to be simple and honorable folk. King Jorrin Thorn recently married the leader of the wood elves, and has given the forests of his kingdom of them. The goal of House Thorn is to unite the various peoples of Azkon and to establish peace when possible. Our town, Bryden’s Ferry, is located in Garresh.

House Dranir

Valzenn (Capital Trimond) is controlled by House Dranir, the house that dicates commerce on Azkon. Dranir tends to take any advantage they can get over the other houses, and is privately viewed as shady or underhanded. This often extends to the people of Dranir. Pirates also terrorize the coasts of Dranir, and Victor Dranir, the head of House Dranir, is surrounded by rumor and mystery.


House Kran

Lazora (Capital Bai Tandros) is ruled by House Kran, who believe that magic corrupts the body and spirit. They avoid magic and instead expand innate powers through focus and meditation. The best natural healers and some of the best fighters are Kran.


Knights of the Peak

The Dragon’s Peak Mountains are home to The Knights of the Peak. Paladins, Wardens, and Knights are all loyal to the peaks, and it is where they received their training. All who live in the Peaks are well trained in combat. The Knights live in granges where children are raised by the entire community. They are extremely wary of outsiders and are hostile towards the Hazon Dynasty.

Library of Arn

 The Library of Arn is more than a library; it is an organization dedicated to peace throughout Azkon. While there IS a significantly impressive library there, only members may access it. The real purpose of the Library of Arn is to stop the abuse of magic and to teach people how to responsibly use magic to better improve the lives of mortals.



Other Areas of Significance


Alindariel is home to the wood elves and their ruler, Queen Si. Alindariel, capital Ibelin, is located inside the Kingdom of Garresh but is a sovereign territory. Queen Si is married to King Thorn of Garresh, the wood elf kingdom was a gift from him to her people. The wood elves have recently moved into this kingdom after several decades spent on the Wild Plains without a land to call their own. Queen Si has welcomed in all other elves to join her in creating this new home.


Flodgraeg Mine

Established 40 years ago, the Flodgraeg Mine is home to the Anraed Dwarves. They discovered it after escaping the Hazon Empire and have set about making it their base of operations. The mine was, and is, flooded. Drainage from the mine actually forms the Grey River that runs into Lake Az-Raban. The dwarves guard their mine jealously; no non-dwarves are allowed inside.


The Wild Plains

The Wild Plains is a hot, dry savanna home to a wide variety of different peoples and cultures. It is not well documented. From the Dwarves in their mine, the Kithrix and the ‘Kin races, various barbarian tribes, to the Library of Arn, the center of both mundane and magical knowledge on the continent, it is always a hotbed of activity. Living conditions are harsh for all, and resources are fought over.