Hazon Dynasty

Extant Members

  • Extant members: 
  • Empress Zynnera Razkar (mid 20s)
  • Prince Dendrath Razkar II (mid teens) – Deceased, abducted by the Broken Crown, presumed to have died with the destruction of the Broken Crown
  • Emperor Suledin Razkar (late 20s) – “assassinated” by unknown assailants
  • An as yet unborn and unnamed heir, due to be born this cycle

Capital: Hazon City – a massive ancient city spanning nearly the whole expanse of central and northern Hazon. Population 200,000.

Kingdom: The Empire of the Hazon Dynasty. Population 1,000,000.

Banner: The Hazon Dynasty’s sigil is a golden pyramid upon a black field.


Other Attributes

Can field the largest standing army of all factions in Azkon of up to 50,000 professional soldiers and a citizen levee of up to 200,000.

Is home to the Chevaliers, who are considered to be the “knights” of Hazon. They follow their Empress with absolute loyalty and are feared for their powerful use of magic in battle.

The separatists, the Broken Crown, who sought to overthrow the Emperor and replace her with her younger brother were destroyed last cycle.

Possess some of the most advanced technology in Azkon.

Possess the most capable and skilled rune mages anywhere in Azkon. Use rune magic to simplify and improve the lives of citizens, both rich and poor alike.

Its official religion is the worship of the God-Emperors of Hazon. They are accepting of all forms of magic and its use, though the ruler of Hazon may decide to change doctrine. In recent years, the new Empress has changed her views on this, and the gods are worshipped in more traditional fashion.

The Hazon economy is based on trade and the investments of wealthy Hazon aristocrats.

The Hazon Empire has a small navy to guard its northern border to the Sundering Sea, but has little more than pirates to deal with.


Settlement and Sundering

The Silver City of Hazon was founded by settlers from the ancient Arkatian Empire, thus beginning the Age of the Golden Sun or the Common Era as most non-Hazon say.

Yet in 301, Age of the Golden Sun, a great storm of divine proportions ripped the continent of Arkatia in half, separating them into Landeris, the Lost Land, and Azkon.


The Empire of Hazon

Following the Sundering, Parthos Razkar, the first Emperor, led the city of Hazon in its reconstruction and expansion into an Empire.

The Emperors that followed built upon the foundation he lay, and though the history of Hazon Emperors is fraught with bloodshed and slavery, the Empire also established civilization all over the continent, uniting peoples and cultures together. It was well known for its masterful works of art, wondrous architecture, and exceptional civil engineering. The Empire expanded across all of Azkon and held absolute dominance for hundreds of years until the Thorn Rebellion of 976, Age of the Golden Sun, reduced the Dynasty’s reign to the deserts and city of Hazon.


Contemporary History

Zynnera Razkar, 25, is the current monarch of the Hazon Dynasty and is married to Evnan Thorn, 22,  Duke of the Kingdom Garresh. They are currently expecting their first child, who will further unify the two houses.

Her brother Dendrath II was recently taken captive by agents of the Order of the Broken Crown, who are a rebellious group of chevaliers and their followers. He is presumed dead with the destruction of the Broken Crown.

The Empress has signed many treaties with the other Houses following the Second Dynasty War, establishing trade and opening negotiations throughout the continent. More recently, she has claimed the whole of the Wild Plains, including territories claimed by Garesh and Kran, renaming them the Hazonian Plains. There is now a significant Hazonian military presence in the Plains as they seek to pacify and civilize the lands.

A significant of the Hazon population do not view the Empress to be a true ruler as she is a female and Hazon God-Emperors have always been male. Many believed that Dendrath should be Emperor instead and support the Chevaliers of the Broken Crown. However, Zynnera Razkar is crafty, skilled, and is adeptly holding the throne, particularly now that her detractors and and potential usurpers have been vanquished. She is slowly but surely winning over the people of Hazon.

The Empire has built many of the newly invented Armbrust war machines, which can devastate enemies from over 2000 meters away. It was put to brutal use during the battle of Maribor, tearing down the defenses of the town.


There are three main Ordres in Hazon- The Noblesse, comprised almost entirely of High Elves, The Militaires, comprised of rune mages, soldiers, and those of common birth who have earned low aristocratic rank, and the Chevaliers, a force utterly devoted to the Emperor made up of low Hazon nobility.




  • Blood is sacred.
  • The Ruler of the Hazon Empire is a living embodiment of Fate.
  • Victory by any means necessary.
  • Hazon is the heart of civilization, everyone else is barbaric to greater or lesser extents and could benefit from learning the niceties of Hazon culture.


  • To make peace with the other Houses (achieved).
  • To reestablish its position as the dominant force in Azkon diplomatically.
  • To overcome its darker past and to strive for the greater good.
  • To pacify, civilize, and incorporate the Hazonian Plains into the Empire.


Relationships with other Houses

  • House Thorn – After the Second Dynasty War, peace was signed between Zynnera Razkar and Jorrin Thorn, and was further cemented by Zynnera’s marriage to Evnan Thorn. Some of the nobles houses of Hazon dislike the Queen of Garesh as she is a wood elf, but they tend to stray away from talking much about it.
  • House Dranir – Biggest economic rival, but also a potential ally. History between the two creates tension, but, they have managed to work together… for now.
  • House Kran – The Empire is despised by House Kran, and the Empire has no love for House Kran, but the two still have peace despite the bad blood.
  • Knights of the Peak – Very hostile towards each other. The Knights and the Chevaliers are natural enemies. The Knights are particularly worried about the new Hazon population relocated to lands in Garresh close by the Dragon’s Peak border.
  • Library of Arn – Relatively good relations, but still tensions exist due to the two wars.