Library of Arn

Extant members:

  • Balik Alzane – Senior Archmage, Dark Elf
  • Archmage Mor – Archmage of Arcane, Human
  • Archmage Nightpaw – Archmage of Bardic, Kithrix
  • Archmage Delthavi – Archmage of Dark, High Elf
  • Archmage Niraveleth – Archmage of Divine, High Elf
  • Archmage McCoy – Archmage of Elemental, Fae
  • Archmage Salviani – Archmage of Light, Wood Elf, formally Moon Elf
  • Archmage Daliyd – Archmage of Nature, Wood Elf
  • Archmage Virellan – Archmage of Spirit, High Elf
  • Archmage Stonetooth – Archmage of Runic, Dwarf


The Library

The Library of Arn is more than a library; it is on organization dedicated to peace throughout Azkon. While there IS a significantly impressive library there, only members may access it.

The real purpose of the Library of Arn is to stop the abuse of magic and to teach people how to responsibly use magic to better improve the lives of mortals.

“Let us, then, dedicate our lives, knowledge, and power, to unfinished work that is the betterment of the mortal condition and peace throughout Azkon.”

–Senior Archmage Balik Alzane

This mission, spearheaded by Senior Archmage Alzane has not been without dissent. The culture of the Library of Arn is very much a culture of rank and authority, those who oppose the vision of its leader are shown the door.

It is very much the intention of The Library to have a monopoly on organized magic on Azkon. They are not the only users of magic, but they will not tolerate other groups or protect mages who are not members of The Library. Similarly, entire houses and races have been periodically blocked from the use of magic by the Library of Arn when they cross the line and use magic irresponsibly. Most recently, the entire dwarven mine, the Flodgraeg, was recently blocked from magic after they used it to invade the armory of House Kran.

The Library is also dedicated to fundamentally altering and advancing knowledge and understanding of magic. A member who excels in this capacity is often granted the honorary title of “Archmage.” There are 9 Archmage seats, one for each school of magic. Each person may only run for Archmage once in their lifetime, and once an Archmage is chosen, they are in the position for the rest of their life.


The Orders

The Library of Arn consists of three main orders: the Elohim, the Sorcerers, and the Waer-Loga.

  • The Elohim are those who dedicate their lives to the advancement of knowledge and understanding of magic. They are often scribes, cartographers, researchers, alchemists, potion makers, and diviners. Most Archmages come from this order. The Elohim is the largest order in The Library, but is also the least active in the outside world.
  • The Sorceres are the most visible arm of The Library, they are the mercenaries who will do almost any task for an individual or house…for a price. They also are tasked with seeking out potential recruits, one of their most reliable methods being locating children with magical talent and bringing them into the fold. Sorcerers also advise leaders of houses, sell and acquire magical items, or serve in the direct protection of The Library. They spend most of their time on the road but can be called back at a moment’s notice.
  • The Waer-Loga are the forces used by The Library to seek out and combat the misuse of magic; they are mostly spellswords and warmages. They are called Covenant Breakers as they often argument warfare with magic, the very thing that the Library fights against. They are seen as a necessary force that can fight the enemy on equal ground, but they are also semi-outcast and viewed with disdain. It is the hope of every member of the Library, including the Waer-Loga, that their order’s existence be short. The Waer-Loga is the smallest order, but can be the most active in certain areas and times of need. The Waer-Loga rarely visit, or are welcome, at The Library, but they sometimes are called back for various reasons. Commoners often call them Warlocks.


The Tower

The Library of Arn is often taller than the clouds themselves, although whether this is physically true, or simply a powerful magical illusion, has never been proven. The Library has the single largest concentration of mithril, adamantine, and other metals

rumored to have come from somewhere deep in the Flodgraeg–beyond reach of even the dwarves. The building itself holds magical energy from every member and school, part of the initiation to full mage is to imprint one’s matrix into the tower. This has led to some saying that the tower is, itself, alive and able to act in its own defense–perhaps even so far as choosing the Senior Archmage.

The tower is defended by a series of magical wards of various types. Some directly damage invaders, some suggest they leave, others will physically trap them. Most of these wards are aimed at preventing any agents from House Kran from infiltrating the tower.

The tower itself has no windows, but any mage can command the metal of the tower to turn translucent and cast light into the building. The general order of the tower is: the higher the rank, the higher, and more private, your dwelling. Initiates live at the base in giant dormitories of 50 or more people in one room. They have little to no privacy for their sleeping, eating, or studying. As one climbs in rank, privacy expands, but even the highest of mages are expected to share suites and attend social activities–full privacy is discouraged as a mage alone will often take dangerous paths.


The Grounds

Around 1,000 mages live in the tower, but the grounds around it boast a larger population of 5,000 mundane workers, traders, and farmers. Some experiments have been run to magically create food, but the results are a tasteless paste that, while sufficient for survival, leave much to be desired. So the more wealthy, or privileged, of mages rely on tenant farmers for their meals.

Visitors to The Library often do not enter the tower itself, but instead visit the outbuildings where the more mundane goods–scrolls, potions, bombs, and ingredients–are sold. Should a visitor enter the tower, usually they only go so far as the great entryway, a vast room with only one desk, clerk, and a book. The Entryway book is a magical repository of all the knowledge that The Library holds, however only the clerk knows how to operate it, and such a service is never free.


Mercenary Services

The Library often sells their services to all of the other Houses and groups in Azkon, aside from obviously House Kran. These services range anywhere from basic protection to solving complex magical and nonmagical problems that the Houses may have. An example of this would be the problem of cursed crops that House Thorn was dealing with; they hired on the Library’s help to rid them of the curse. The Library also bases a significant amount of its income on the selling of potions, bombs, and scrolls.


History of the Library of Arn


Long ago, when the lands of Azkon and Arkatia were connected, Emperor Drag’nen Razkar ordered the construction of the Library of Arn in 395. This library was designed to hold all of the information known by the greatest minds of Azkon. It took two dozen years to create and was finished in August of the year 419, but when it was finally finished it was unlike anything ever seen on Azkon. But that was long ago; our story starts just 160 years ago.


During the War of the Lords, the Library of Arn attempted to remain neutral and supply both sides with provisions and equipment. However, once the Hazon Dynasty started using Demons, and magical enhancements, in the battle, the Library openly moved to assist the Thorn alliance and tipped the scales for the last stages of the war. This was aided by clerics of the God of War, Nargoth, who argued that their god would never support the dishonorable nature of mass magical slaughter over personal combat.

Contemporary History

Emporer Sarkius, grandson of Drag’nen, leader of The Dynasty of Hazon, gifted the Library of Arn and all of its knowledge to the Magi Council in the year 856. Emperor Sarkius himself named Balik Alzane, High Elf and member of the Magi Council for some time, Archmage and has been the leader of the Library of Arn ever since. Below him sits ten of the top ranking and most powerful casters in the Library, as the Council of Magi. Ashton Mor was recently promoted to the position of Council Magi.

The Library exists in the only area of the Wild Plains that has ever been claimed by the Hazon Dynasty. The stories-tall spire took over 12 years to construct, and was not taken well by the locals. Even to this day there are many infrequent attacks on Library property.




  • All magic, regardless of the school, is a tool to advance the conditions of all living creatures.
  • However, this knowledge in the wrong hands could be catastrophic, and as such needs to be guarded and given out on an as needed basis.


  • Gather all knowledge on Azkon, and the rest of the world, and keep it out of the wrong hands.

Relationships with other Northern Houses

The Library often sells their services to all of the other Houses and groups in Azkon, aside from obviously House Kran. These services range anywhere from basic protections to solving complex magical and nonmagical problems that the Houses may have. An example of this would be the problem of cursed crops that House Thorn was dealing with; they hired on the Library’s help to rid them of the curse.

  • Hazon Dynasty– Loosely allied, but some are still upset on both sides due to the Lords’ War
  • The Knights of the Peak– Allied, although the KotP strongly disagree with the Library’s view and use of Dark Magic
  • House Dranir– Allied in exchanging information and trade, although the Library prefers to stay out of most of Dranir’s dealings. Some high ranking members of the Library may or may not have ties with Dranir
  • House Kran– Fierce enemies, and have been even before House Kran bloomed from the Hazon Inquisition. House Kran’s ideals are exactly opposite of the Library’s in almost every way.
  • Thorn- Closely allied, the Library had been assisting House Thorn in removing the curses that were ravaging their crops. The Library has been a major player in assisting House Thorn in the most recent war against the Hazon Dynasty.
  • Province of Jade– Almost no connection, aside from maybe some trade here and there.