Kanarak Gods

Kanarak Gods

Welcome to the Kanarak Gods overview page! The god (or gods) your character chooses to follow will play a primary role in how your character views, and interacts with, the world we play in. The four main sects in our game are: Order, Chaos, Light, and Dark. Choose wisely, all choices have consequences.


The overseer of all creation and the gods. Generally not worshipped, for Fate never answers prayers and is never directly involved with events.

Four Powers

There are four sects to Kanarak Gods, each ruled by a major power. The sects are: the Lords of Order, the Lords of Chaos, the Lords of Light, and the Lords of Darkness. All minor gods fall under a major god, but they usually contain a personality mix that has more variety. The chart below shows where each minor god falls.



Lords of Light

Lords of Light


Aranayan Creating, light, birth, truth, water, discovery, and art
Aravel Sun, valor, honor, truth, agriculture, justice, courtly love, knights, mothers, song
Tidron Night, killing undead, hunters (not of beasts), Paladins, self sacrifice, the moon, seas
Dania Nature, the harvest, fertility, weather, defense/protectors, healing, potions and herbs
Nenteth Wild, beasts, hunting, humor, archey, tracking, survival


Aranayan is one of the four main Powers created by Fate to rule the universe. Many ascribe Aranayan as a god of “good” but that is to misunderstand the nature of the divine. The sun may create life, but it can also burn it away. A vine that is created can also choke the life out of other plants. And creation requires the destruction of what needs to be re-created in a better form. Aranayan is the god of creation and beginnings. To learn more, click here.


Aravel, goddess of the sun and justice, is one of the lesser gods aligned under Aranayan. She is a proud and noble goddess and her presence can only be described as radiant. Her beauty and force of personality are immense and command both respect and awe. Some who see her describe her as cold or aloof, but Tidron sees her for who she is: an awe-inspiring force for good. To learn more, click here.


Tidron is one of the lesser powers aligned under Aranayan. He is a kind, and noble soul who embodies all the virtues of paladinhood and seeks to make the night a thing of beauty for lovers to enjoy rather than a dark, fearful time for evil to grow. He is represented by and embodied by the moon- a great shining orb that keeps the darkness at bay. To learn more, click here.


Dania is the goddess of nature and the one most followed by wood elves. She tends to be kind, understanding, patient, and nurturing. But, when she is roused to wrath she is as fierce as a mother bear and as unforgiving as a blizzard. She does not hesitate to act or call her followers to action when nature is threatened, even if it means standing against other good-aligned powers. To learn more, click here.


Nenteth is the unruly child of Dania. He is the creator of the Kithrix, the Ogre, the Troll. He is “The Father of All Beasts”. The First Hunter. Alpha Supreme. Although aligned with his mother, the two often disagree. While not exactly evil, Nenteth can be quite ruthless. His followers believe that one should hunt to live, and like a deer in it’s prime, all problems should be observed, stalked, and swiftly dealt with. To learn more, click here.


Teel was the god of storms, bards, and divination. Teel no longer is active in the world as he chose to sacrifice himself by forever holding closed a realm that could be used to destroy the world. As his departure is quite recent, there are still many followers of the ever moving god of the sea.  However, his mantle has been divided and other gods now hold the duties that were once his. To learn more, click here.

Lords of Darkness

Lords of Darkness


Belendor Destruction, fire, growth, dying (but not death)
Misigoth Undeath, necromancy, betrayal, secrets, jealousy
Odara Disease, poison, suffering, puzzles, cyphers, natural decay, and revenge
Etall Rogues, thieves, assassins, toxins, alchemy, lying, luck, merchants, travelers, lust


Belendor is one of the four main powers created by Fate to rule the universe. To describe Belendor as “evil” is to misunderstand its nature. Belendor is a force of destruction, which is necessary in the natural order as all things that are created must have an eventual end–Belendor is all too happy to be the vehicle for that end; Belendor will even join in the creation of something great just to see it ultimately fall. To learn more, click here.


Misigoth is one of the lesser powers aligned under Belendor. The reason that tombs and mausoleums are blessed and protected from intruders is due to the followers of Misigoth. The true purpose of life is undeath. A corpse that is not raised into undeath is waste and despised by Misigoth. Desires are meant to be indulged in, and undead have an eternity for their desires. To learn more, click here.


Odara is one of the lesser powers aligned under Belendor. Where sickness lays heavy upon those already suffering, her hand is at fault. Suffering for something gives it meaning. Venomous animals and those that spread sickness are sacred. Vengeance for wrongs that have been dealt to them is every creature’s duty. While aligned under Belendor, Odara has a particular dislike for Misigoth. To learn more, click here.


Etall is aligned under Belendor, although many often forget this fact. Etall, and her followers, are not opposed to doing good things to achieve their goals, but will always keep their eyes on their prize. Etall will not allow people to stand in her way. Etall and her followers neither like nor dislike any of the other gods. She will work with any god, good or evil, to achieve her goals, and will stand against any god who is aligned against her current plots. To learn more, click here.


Lords of Order

Lords of Order


Enoth Balance, order, earth, death (but not dying), life (but not birth), learning, and the afterlife
Reghasting Crafting (of all kinds), Feasting, Elements, Brewing, Bragging (if one can back it up), merriment, Honor
Kannath God of magic, knowledge, tactics, oracles, and the weather
Noreis Healing, sick, injured, war, honor duels


Enoth is one of the four main powers created by Fate to rule the universe. Enoth has many forms, most common are Balance, Order, and Death. Enoth often appears to mortals to achieve certain goals. It varies from time to time. Sometimes it is to guide a paladin to the path of darkness, and others a templar to the path of goodness. Enoth has appeared to spare the lives of lesser beings, for their true potential has not been achieved, and are still a part of Enoth’s plan for the world. To learn more, click here.


Reghasting is a gruff but merry god. He is yelling one moment, concerned about imperfections in a blade, and then laughing the next, holding a large mug of ale. Reghasting is a tall, stout, being who always has a bit of soot or sawdust clinging to his practical, well-tailored, workingman’s clothes. That is the dual nature of Reghasting. Enjoy not being too fancy, but if you can do something better than others…show it off. To learn more, click here.


Kannath is the god of magic. Kannath is simply a spigot through which magic flows, he has a vision, that only The Powers could understand, for the nature of magic and how mortals interact with the magic he chooses to give them. Every blown spell, every fumbled incantation is really the result of Kannath’s will, which can lead to mages being tempted to curse his name when a spell fails–except they don’t as that would raise his ire. To learn more, click here.


Noreis is the goddess of war and healing. She is a stern but compassionate goddess. She represents every aspect of war, including the cruel and barbaric aspects. She also represents impartiality. Noreis brings healing to all upon the field of battle- victors, losers, good, evil- she is unconcerned with their morality. Though she prefers honorable, moral soldiers she accepts and embraces those soldiers who live for the moment when their commanders cry havoc. To learn more, click here.

Lords of Chaos

Lords of Chaos


Twigell/ Twiggle/ Twiggel Chaos, mischief, trickery, philosophy, air, life
Feydor Rage, anger, battle, smithing, orphans, children, blood lust, storms, berserkers
Vanaria Dancing, dueling, diplomacy, love


Until recent times, few knew, or recognized, Twiggle as one of The Powers. He was often viewed as an outsider or a lesser god. Perhaps The Powers had wished his true nature to be unrecognized. Truly, standing against Twiggle is one of the few areas in which all of the Three Powers seem to agree–although at times they approve of his behavior. He is not their enemy, but he is the destruction of all order, and very few beings, gods included, appreciate that. To learn more, click here.


Death does not follow Feydor, death revels in his presence. Feydor does not bring malice with an agenda, or the seeking power through killing of one’s rivals. The death Feydor brings is of the strong destroying the weak because they can. Unlike many of the other gods, Feydor is rarely openly worshiped or followed. To put it plainly, he is not a god many want to spend time around or interact with very much, however, he is also not a god that a warrior would want to be on the wrong side of. To learn more, click here.


Vanaria is the goddess of dancing, dueling, and diplomacy. Originally the younger of the two siblings often called The Twain, with the departure of Teel she has taken on the burden of his responsibilities. Currently aligned under Twiggle, Vanaria is enigmatic and mysterious. She tends to be good-spirited and kind, but mischievous. She prefers Aranayan and the good powers but like her brother, she has a rebellious streak and hates the idea of actually swearing allegiance to another. To learn more, click here.


Calendar of Various God Holidays (More info found in god’s lore article–Some names are not official names)