In the beginning before any of anything was a thing. Before the gods roamed and made creation of life….There were three supreme beings. The entity of Light known as: Melodia, The entity of balance known as: Neondra, and Onidaku the entity of Darkness originated. With the goal to create a form of life to continue on long after they pass away. With this in mind, each of them put a piece into making the first form of life. It had the supernatural ‘all powerful’ form of abilities they had, but to prevent it from ruling over all unfairly…The entity of balance ‘Neondra’ had split that one into a large variety to create what we today consider ‘gods.’ These gods were their children, that they loved unconditionally. However then the gods began to play and create their own life which is now known as us, the mortals. The mortals were not perfect yet that is what made them art. Since they were unpredictable, they were allowed to do as they wished.

So they were given a world of sand, to live in and to grow in. Eventually though the light had blessed one of the mortals with the capabilities to further the development of humanity on his own. This man was known as Belzul. With the new strength blessed upon him, he went to the highest mountain and with one small leap he lept into the sky and brought down soil and rock. However such an imbalance would not go unnoticed so balance had allowed Darkness to play with one of it’s toys and so Terrakul the world eater was unleashed upon the world for it’s sins. Terrakul began eating away at the planet until it was torn to pieces. However to not allow humanity to be scattered from itself they were blessed with water and so the chunks of earth were turned into regions rather than one big mass. The thing is though that Terrakul was still on the loose so Belzul risked his life by fighting Terrakul. Winning the battle he did, and managed to seal the world eater far deep into the oceans for it to never be awakened or disturbed. This was done by reaching down into the depths of the negative realm and pulling out a mass of fire since humanity had none of it. Hoisting it into the sky the world became far too bright for the monster forcing it into a slumber to conserve it’s remaining strength. However Belzul did disappear but it’s said that he’d only be able to return if Terrakul was to ever awaken and become a menace once more.

and that…is the origin of life.