Journal of Fenrick Redrear, Cleric of Enoth

Day 1.
I am have started the yearly journey to the center of Azkon to realign my spirit. Hopefully all goes well.

Day 2.
Enoth has appeared to me, and has given me a task. I must venture into the Cave of Kol’andros and drink from the pool at the bottom of it. Then I shall be granted truths, and I am to spread them throughout the land.

Day 5.
I have finally arrived at the Cave of Kol’andros. As I approach, my head starts to buzz.

Day 7.
I am in the Cave of… Kolll… it’s not important. Eno… my god has told me to go deeper, and I shall. I must drink from the pool at the bottom.

Day something.
I see the thing of water. I must drink.


Many of the pages were blood stained and unreadable. This is all we could recover. We are unsure what to make of these, and if this is the truth or the writings of a lunatic. -Sindri Ironeye