Journal of Zedan Rasjan

Entries from the journal of Zedan Rasjan, creator of the Armbrust

12 Marche 1016

I was given a new project today by General Lazure. “Design a war machine. Something that can destroy walls and armies from far away. If you succeed, a promotion to Royal Engineer awaits you. Can you do that?”

Of course I can! This was something I knew I could do and could do well. Besides, a promotion to such a well valued and well paid position could help pay for a better house in Hazon City. I am starting on this immediately while the ideas are still fresh!

25 Aprille 1016

The designs are finished. The prototype is done. I have spent countless hours working. Perfecting. The Armbrust is a beautiful piece of artillery. It can hurl cluster bombs of the most destructive alchemies in the Hazon arsenal from over 2000 metres away! General Lazure is extremely pleased and I have been promoted to Royal Engineer! Mass production of the weapon has been ordered. With these, no force could invade our country!

07 Novembre 1016

The news from the south is…horrifying to say the least. When I designed the Armbrust, I had no idea that it was to be used in an invasion. And to be used to such devastating effect, not only to the Garresh soldiers, but also the innocent civilians of Maribor. My machine killed them, the machine I created. I had unknowingly caused the agonizing deaths of untold amounts of people. But I am being given praise. Commendations. Medals. They want me to continue making new weapons for them.

My heart tells me not to build more contraptions of death, but if I refuse, then I know that I shall be punished severely, as will my family. Are our lives really more valuable than the innocents that it will slaughter? I do not know what to do. I must present my answer tomorrow. I am not a particularly religious man, but I need whatever god, be it the Emperor, be it Fate’s hand, or any higher power, to guide me in this time of darkness.