Kanarak Magic

Kanarak Magic

Welcome to the Kanarak Magic overview page. Below you will find brief descriptions for each school of magic your character can learn in our game. Choose one, or more, that appeal to you and click the link to read the full lore description for that school of magic. Each school is designed for a different style and personality, so find the one that speaks to your character and get to casting!

Arcane magic is the result of imposing order and control over invisible energy that is latent in the world at large. Whether doing so is achieved by calling upon a beneficent deity, or earned through one’s own study, the resulting magic can be used to inflict crippling statuses upon others, resist or free yourself from the same, or even negate magic used against you. Mastery over the Arcane equates to versatile options in and out of battle!

Bardic magic stirs from the power of your own deep, personal emotions and experiences, woven into song form. From hope to dread, sorrow to joy, love and hate, the range of mortal emotion is both broad and deep. So too do the possibilities of Bardic magic run!

Dark magic; to draw from this well of power means to channel the most foul and evil of all magics. Ambition, greed, and above all, a desire for power, these are the attributes shared by those that dabble in the Dark. In the face of the utter corruption of the soul, how far will they go? For many Dark users the answer is “Whatever it takes.”


Divine magics are the domain of the most devout worshippers. They focus on healing the ally, smiting the enemy, and repelling the undead. In the name of their god or perhaps due to their own brand of righteousness, the Divine user is oftentimes single-mindedly focused on the tasks at hand whether it be the purging of evil, or the saving of others.

Elemental magic is the power of the elements concentrated and made manifest on the mortal plane. Through rigorous study, users of elemental magic bind and wield fire, air, earth, and water with an almost scientific level of precision. Be warned however, that due caution ought to be exercised at all times, for invoking the elements means calling upon forces of destruction and chaos.

Light magic is similar to Divine in that it is purely the realm of the gods, it does not come from within. To those true of faith and purpose, prayers to their deity are answered in the form of access to powerful restorative powers. The truly devoted could even earn knowledge of advanced rituals that may be used to restore life to the dead. Presuming of course, that they are found favorable in the eyes of their god.


Nature magic is born of the natural world, and has plants, animals, and the world at large as its central theme. From growing simple berries that heal the body, to wrapping your foes in restricting vines, nature magic is a force to be reckoned with.

Runic magic calls upon the power imbued in special symbols. The power of these “runes” is certainly well known to practitioners of runic magic, who use their secret arts to enhance weapons and fortify positions such that foes break upon them like water upon the rock.

Spirit magics are fueled by the energies of the soul itself. This type of magic can be used to both bless allies and curse enemies in equal measure. Practitioners of spirit magic tend to be healers, destroyers, and pillars of their communities.