Have you ever met a person who always wants to tell other people what books to read, play to see, or mead to drink? Welcome to arcane magic.

Arcane mages are obsessed with everything having a place and acting in the proper fashion. No surprise that they are fussy dressers and tend to take great care with outward appearances (even if the outward appearance is that of sloppiness, it’s done with intention). This translates to their magic, which is mostly focused on controlling others and battlefields. They are the mages to make sure all the enemies are exactly in their place for the other heroes to come mop up.

Because they have an itching desire to be in control, arcane mages are often quite composed in conversation. However, if you get on their bad side or mess with their sense of order, they may fly into an “unpredictable” rage.

There is no particular race that favors or eschews arcane magic, but arcane mages rarely also explore druidic magic, as nature is rarely exactly in the place you want it to be at all times.

Where do they get their power?

Arcane mages get their power from various gods or from their own internal sense of order.

Arcane energy seems to largely come from a caster’s ability to channel combinations of energy from multiple planes. This is generally directed into a sudden, controlled, and specifically directed burst to cause an instant reaction within our world. For instance, when using the spell Hide Tracks, it seems like the caster is drawing energy from the Nature plane and combining it with healing energy to reform and regrown any natural habitat that will be disturbed by their movement. Another example would be the spell Blind, which seems to cause darkness from the void to surround the exterior of a target’s eyes. These of course are speculation and should not be taken as hard evidence for where the energy comes from.

Whom do they worship?

Common gods are:

  • Kannath
  • Nargoth
  • But they also worship a variety of other gods.

It would be very rare for them to worship any of the following less “orderly” gods/goddesses:

  • Twigell
  • Odara
  • Feydor