Hated, deceitful, immoral, malevolent, and wicked are all be words that common folk would use frequently in their tales of practitioners of dark magic. Though one word stands alone as the most fluent in all tales–evil. Stories ring out in every corner of the kingdoms telling of the great plagues, hordes of undead, and utter destruction that come at the wake of Dark Mages. Because of this, dark magic is banned almost everywhere.

Hated by most, dark magic users are considered to be the lowest of low in all of the known world. Though there are few, dark mages are considered to be some of the most dangerous people that exist. Flirting daily with the line between life and death, this magic offers the unique power of deceit and control over the undead. Most dark mages are in it for power, using every misstep of an opponent against them.

Where do they get their power?

Belendor is the root of all dark magic. Although all dark magics spawn from this god, they are amplified by several lesser gods. Dark magic is commonly tied in with blood magic, and share some roots with runic magic. A dark caster is at their most powerful when they are atop blighted grounds, near graveyards, or other places where the veil to the negative plane is thinnest.

Whom do they worship?

Dark Mages Would Worship Any of the Following:

  • Belendor – The Evil God
  • Odara – Goddess of Plague and Disease
  • Misigoth – God of Undead

In Some Cases:

  • Nargoth

Dark Mages Would Never Follow:

  • Aranayan–The Good God