If you have met a paladin, you have met a divine mage. Of all the magic users, these are the ones who are the most obsessed with evil. While that traditionally involves the destroying of undead, for some the obsession becomes fascination and they turn to the practice of dark magic. Indeed, the defining trait of divine mages, their single-minded focus on their objective–whatever that may be–leaves them more exposed to the temptations of dark magic than any other magic user. It is no surprise, then, that many of them wrap themselves in strict, unyielding codes of behavior, whether that be the Codes of Paladins or personal honor.

It is not uncommon for their single-mindedness to be viewed as stubbornness.

It is quite common for divine mages to follow other schools of magic as well, particularly holy, nature, spirit, or dark (if they have fallen).

Where do they get their power?

Divine mages get their power from the gods. Not all schools of magic require this, but for divine mages there is no alternative.

Whom do they worship?

While they MUST obtain power from the gods, the exact god they get it from is extremely widespread.

Aranayan–The Good God–is one of the most common, but Enoth or Belendor are not unheard of for divine mages. For divine mages who fall to dark magic, they often follow Misigoth–God of the Undead.

It is unlikely for a follower of divine magic to follow Twigell or Kannath.