General Theory

Basic Theory

Standing out in your field one day you find yourself in quite the predicament. A small band of kobold raiders have turned up to steal your hard earned crops, and this isn’t the first time this has happened. You reach for your trusty weapon, always hanging ready by your side, but realize that these beasts are a bit more powerful than the usual stock. You decide that the use of magic is necessary to overcome this plight, and then the great question arises. Do you call upon the unimaginable capacity of a deity to lend you their strength, or do you reach deep within your own personal energy to release upon the savage horde? Throughout time, many have believed that you draw your magic only from the deities and ancients which surround this world. Talk to any paladin of Aranayen and they will likely tell you that they only draw their power from the ancient’s might. But what if you were to hear an opposing viewpoint, one that would describe how you interact directly with the elements of your world purely by the grace of your own will? Would you accept this possibility, or deny it outright? I bid you to keep an open mind while reading these pages and remember that the words I have written come from personal experience.

Deities vs. Personal Capacity

You may have personally witnessed otherwise, but I have come to understand that a magnitude of power that we can call upon exists both within ourselves and within the planes around us that house deities and ancients alike. One very important detail to remember is that a person does not necessarily have to call upon the energies of another plane to cast a spell, but this works both ways as a person does not need to draw on their own personal capacity to cast either. While ancients and deities are most assuredly chalked full of extraordinary power, one should never underestimate their own personal capacity. Where is the line between personal capacity and the power of a deity? What are we capable of by ourselves? Knowing the answer to these questions will undoubtedly assist you with gaining additional control of the power you wield. This is especially important to understand if our plane should ever be cut off from the energy of the other planes as has happened in the past. This is a personal journey that every aspiring caster must undertake if they mean to master their craft.

Channeling Energy

Bringing the energy necessary to manifest these spells into our plane of existence is accomplished through the use of your mind. That may sound simple, but it’s quite the opposite. Although, anyone with the mental capacity to understand basic concepts can master this art through practice and guidance. Siphoning energy this way allows us a multitude of pathways for manipulating the end result.


Your ability to bring forth any energy related to the spectrum is directly related to a few different factors. First, your heritage. Certain races are inherently capable of magic at birth. While this does not necessarily give them an advantage, it does increase their exposure which relates to our next point. Second, your experience. Generally speaking, those who have just begun to cast magic will not yet be capable of channeling large amounts of energy, or channel for a long period of time without resting. There are of course exceptions to every rule. Last, your dedication. The amount of time you spend practicing, meditating, and receiving guidance will have a direct effect on your capacity to cast. You may find that you are able to surpass a caster who has been channeling for many cycles if you have proper dedication. As a word of caution, don’t mistake capacity for wisdom.


Meditation has many uses. For instance you can work out emotional discord through meditation. For the purposes of magic, meditation is used in a similar manor by understanding and utilizing the pathways throughout your mind and body to channel, focus, and refine energy from the spectrum. You can practice a safe form of meditation by closing your eyes and imagining a light with the color of your choosing within your mind. Play with the light a bit and get acclimated with moving it around, changing its color, and altering the shape. After becoming comfortable with those motions, practice moving this light throughout your body. Concentrate on moving the light slowly, and recognize each area you are moving the light through with detail. For example: The light will start in your mind, then move down to the top of your spine, then slowly down your neck into your right shoulder and clavicle, then into your upper bicep, then your lower bicep, then your elbow, so on and so forth. Consider also practicing stretching the light through your body so that eventually every pathway is covered. Deep, slow breathing can help, especially if you move the light during each exhale of breath. As you learn to control moving the light around your body, you may notice that handling the energy from the spell spectrum is much easier.


It should go without saying that the importance of knowing your limitations is just as important as knowing your capacity. Pushing yourself past your limitations will not increase your capacity to handle magic, but instead have the opposite effect by causing damage to your mind, body, and spirit. Knowing your limitations and exercising responsible casting will increase your capacity and keep you able to cast magical energy on a regular basis. Rest often, eat proper meals regularly, and take the best care of yourself that you can.