Duty. Above all, a light mage values duty towards a chosen deity.

They hold the balance of life in their hands. They all have a role to play, a decree from their god.

Light mages are those whose power comes from the gods themselves. They use this might to heal and cure ailments. Why do they do it? Their reasons are as various as the gods they follow. Some, such as those who worship Aranayen, do it because it’s right to help others. Enoth may not deem it the time for wounded or diseased to die. A follower of Noreis may choose to heal a comrade in battle so they can go forth unto the breech once more.

It is hard to say anything else universal about light mages, their reasons are often their own.

Where do they get their power?

You want to learn about light magic, do you? Well, first off, you need an understanding of how this magic works. Or, more importantly, perhaps, where it comes from. The light school of magic isn’t something that comes from within, as with bardic magic, or even something that you command and shape from the elements themselves, as with elemental or nature magics. Light magic is a prayer; a prayer to your deity that you dedicate your daily life to, and the spell’s effect is their answer to your prayer, or their permission to tap into their divine powers. So, in essence, we have a one-way, open line of communication with the divine on a daily basis.

Now, that doesn’t mean we can’t occasionally hear whispers or simple commands from time to time, but, generally, their power is their answer. So, please keep in mind that while light powers are some of the most potent, they are also easily denied to us should we stray from their ways. Still interested? Then sit, and listen to all that I have to teach, and maybe we may find untapped potential within you that the gods deem time to awaken.

The light energy spectrum is a perfect example of Deity and planar power over personal capacity. While personal capacity still plays a role in conjuring this energy, it is without a doubt that the energy is channeled entirely from the plane in which the light being exists. Of note, light does refer to a specific alignment, specifically the Lords of Light (with Aranayan as head) however characters of any alignment except dark may cast light magic.

How it feels to be healed

While healing and curative magics sound magical and wonderful, and even instantaneous, they are painful. The worse the wound, the deadlier the disease, the more pain the recipient will go through. Warn them, so they make make preparations mentally and/or physically for what they will experience. Light magic does, in truth, heal wounds and cure diseases, yes, but rapidly healing a wound can cause muscles to tear as they stretch to repair themselves, hearts can beat so fast the subject might think they’re going to die, and, especially in the case of poisons and some diseases, can sometimes feel the pains and effects of what ails them as it is purged from their body, usually leading to vomiting. It is encouraged to avoid contact with said vomit.

Light magic can, in fact, be used on ones self, though it doesn’t hurt any less for you. But, with training and mental exercise and prayers to your deity, you will grow accustomed to this pain. I hope I haven’t dismayed your interest in this invaluable form of magic, and that we can continue your training and research. I also hope to see you soon!