Most people know at least one person who has a good shoulder to cry on. Someone who is always there to help you, someone who can empathize with your pain. These are the most likely people to be druids.

Druids are so in touch with the world around them, that they are able to hear the call of nature around them and interact with all things that grow. While it would be unfair to say that druids walk up to trees and start conversations, saying they absolutely don’t could be equally foolish.

Everything that is alive has needs, everything that is alive has a will. Flowers move to face the sun, weeds that are pulled sometimes take root again, druids understand this will.

Where do they get their power?

It would not be appropriate to say that druids “get” their power from nature and then use that to do what they desire. It’s rather more, they request that nature grant them what they wish, and nature provides. In return, it is expected of druids that they care for the earth and protect it, as it was mentioned before, everything that is alive has a will. And everything has a price for service.

Besides what nature grants, druids draw power from certain gods.

Whom do they worship?

Druids can get their power from various gods. The most common are:

  • Aravel–Goddess of the Sun
  • Dania–Goddess of Nature
  • Nenteth–God of the Wild
  • Aranayan–The Good God

Druids would never worship Odara–Goddess of Plague and Disease.