The Various Maps of Azkon


Climate Map Companion

  • Garresh (in green) is the land held by King Thorn. Garresh is temperate in climate. The northern parts could have been hotter, but they are cooled by the continental winds that bring cold air from the Grey Mountains and the ocean. Due to the ranging temperatures, tornadoes are not unknown. Otherwise, between the manageable temperatures and access to water through three rivers, this land is ideal for farming.
  • Valzenn (grey) is the land held by House Dranir. Valzenn is cold, rainy, and humid. It has a more southern climate, so it is colder and wetter, especially around the massive delta that leads to the eastern ocean. Storms that come from the southeast tend to be the fiercest. Valzenn is generally miserable farmland, most of it swampy and far too acidic for growing crops. The few people who scrape a living outside of the main city, Trimond, and the fishing communities tend to be heavily focused on survival.
  • The Hazon Desert (gold) is ruled by the Hazon Dynasty. These lands are hot, arid, and sandy. Very little grows in these lands; temperatures above 110 degrees have been recorded.
  • The Dragon’s Peak Mountains (red) are controlled by the Knights of the Peak. This land is known for cold winters and mild summers. The variety of climate, due to northern heat, cold mountains, well-watered valleys, many rivers, and ranging altitudes lead the people of this land to be a hearty people who can adapt to any environment. Despite what might seem like a harsh, unpredictable climate, the people of the Peaks are known to be successful farmers who live in close-knit communities called granges.
  • Lazora (purple) is held by House Kran. It is a hot, muggy, and hostile land. The various rivers coming from the Grey Mountains, along with a general lack of wind from the mountains and ocean, leads to mild winters and sweltering summers. This land is perfect for fishing and farming year-round, although the warm temperatures tend to breed diseases and hostile animals–especially in the jungle on the western most ports of this region. Most people live near the capital, Bai Tandros, in the south.
  • The Wild Plains (also gold) are a savanna region; hot, dry, nearly a desert. There are occasional areas of trees, especially around the Grey and Faldir Rivers, but most if it is grassland. It is inhospitable and merciless. Most who live here are nomadic, following herds or tending to flocks. The few towns that survive tend to trade heavily with their neighbors and are home to some of the hardest people on Azkon. The days are hot, the nights are cold, the cool winds from the Grey Mountains tend to pass around the plains, and rain almost never falls. Lately, King Thorn of Garresh has attempted to settle the northeastern part of the Wild Plains and is attempting to bring water to them through a series of aqueducts. In the northwest, House Kran is using the land for horse breeding. The Southern Wild Plains, south of the Grey River, tend to be much cooler, but just as dangerous.
  • The Continental Winds (black) blow east from the Grey Mountains to the ocean. They flow around the massive lakes in Lazora and Valzenn, and flow directly through Garresh. As the winds blow, they bring cooler air to what would otherwise be a very hot land. As the winds reach the Pan Fafnir Mountains, they tend to split around them, dropping rain as they pass. That rain then flows back west, in the three major eastern rivers, to ultimately end up one of the three large continental lakes.


Travel Map Companion

Travel time to/from Bryden’s Ferry
City Days by Foot Days to by boat Days back by boat
Bai Tandros 10 No canal to Warrenskald River (50G to dig)
Maribor 9 5 3
Hanniwick 2 8 hours 8 hours
Flodgraeg 14 13 9
Library of Arn 16 12 9
Trimond 13 9 9
Pan Fafnir 35 12 6
Hazon City 25 12 (through Maribor) 10 (through Maribor)
Ibelin 16 8 (through Maribor) 6 (through Maribor)