Misigoth and Falynn

Before Misigoth ascended, he was of mortal life. Even in those days, however, Misigoth searched for power. Any way he could find that would help him achieve his wishes for authority, he looked into. In fact, he was just beginning to sate his curiosity of power in necromancy and the undead when he met Falynn, a young paladin woman.

For a short time, Falynn distracted Misigoth from his obsession with unholy powers; he kept those desires very secret around her. Falynn’s own power as a paladin attracted Misigoth to her and while it never turned him toward the light, her testimonies and experiences opened his mind to different ways of thinking besides in the eyes of power. The two quickly fell in love and became inseparable, spending their days sparring each other, exploring places they’d never set foot, or simply sitting next to each other and recounting tales from when they were younger.

To express their love, the lovers presented a gift to the other. To Misigoth, Falynn gave a magnificent cloak – one that she crafted with her own hands and somehow assisted in giving Misigoth the aura of power he was looking for. In return, he gave his lover his sword, crafted by his grandfather, that matched her bravery and strength.

As time passed, Misigoth began to secretly return to his endeavors in necromancy while his lover fulfilled her paladin duties. His efforts did not go unnoticed. One day, the god of the undead appeared to Misigoth and commended him for his dedication and supremacy in the work of the undead. The god also, having decided it was time for a successor to take his place, offered his mantle to Misigoth, which the mortal wasted no time in accepting. However, in order to take up the mantle, all mortal world ties had to be severed, including the relationship with his lover.

When the two saw each other again, Misigoth refrained from sharing his secret and killed her with the sword he had gifted. As Fallyn died, and unbeknownst to the newly risen god, her final action was to bind a piece of her own soul to the blade that had taken her life as an act of defiance. In an attempt to keep his mortal lover close, he bound her soul to his cloak, tearing her soul in two. With the realization that the sword had the strength to destroy him if Falynn’s soul was restored, Misigoth cast it away so he would be safe from it.