Kanarak Races

Kanarak Races

Welcome to the Kanarak Races overview page! Here you can find brief descriptions of each race and links to their full pages. Each race in our game has a unique story, role play suggestions, and an ability unique to that race. Once you pick your race, feel free to read about other races you character likely has encountered in their life.

Humans are the most varied and populous group on the continent of Azkon: the farming folk of Garesh, the hardy desert folk of Hazon, and the honorable knights and paladins of the Peak. All of Azkon’s major kingdoms are human, though one human king co-rules with an elven queen. In the face of a comparatively shorter lifespan, humans are skilled and bold, mastering the arts of war, magic, and craftsmanship.

Dwarves are a stalwart, honorable folk who have made their home in the Flodgræg Mine. They call themselves the Anræd (or “Reconciled”) Dwarves, and gained their freedom from slavery under the Hazon empire by initiating a brutal and bloody uprising. This garnered the dwarves a reputation as fierce and proud warriors who stand stubbornly for their beliefs. Although slow to trust outsiders, they make valuable allies on and off the battlefield.

High Elves believe the world is a chess game of epic proportions. Trust leads to information then to influence and thus, power. Accordingly, High Elves know that the road to power starts with working with others to build alliances. Arrogant to a tee, High Elves are not above to manipulating the unsuspecting in order to further their own goals, especially when the stakes are high.


Wood Elves are hardy, generous, and kind. They revere nature and offer its bounty to all, sharing freely of the harvest and hunt. Wood elves on Azkon are entering a new era after their royal line was restored and a new homeland was created deep in the woodlands of Garesh. Here, their mages, druids, and warriors work to keep their people safe and to build their new home.

Dark Elves are ever-vigilant in watching out for their friends and allies, swiftly dealing with any threats to their accepted social circles no matter who, or what, they might be. While others may consider their actions as evil, most dark elves would take any statements alluding to that opinion to be a great insult. They do what they must for the greater good, as they see it.

Half-Elves are children of two proud races: humans and elves. They may be descended from any type of elf and blend physical characteristics of both of their parent’s races. Given the variety seen in both elven and human cultures, half-elves lack a unique culture of their own and usually adopt the traditions they were raised in. Though few in number, they often take up an adventuring life, seeking like-minded individuals for companionship and camaraderie.

High Ogres are generally known for their yellow skin and tusks and physical strength, as well as their insatiable rage when provoked. Orcs view High Ogres as wise and blessed by Feydor. As such, High Ogres have the ability to travel to the camps of warring orc clans sharing tales, current events, and a crude forceful diplomacy. High Ogres are just about the only race that Grey Mountain Orcs will pause and listen to.


Kithrix are an honorable, nomadic, and fierce feline race. They are skilled and savvy hunters who are not known for their patience or tolerance of those who are disrespectful. Honor their traditions and respect their ways or watch out for their claws. (All Kithrix must be approved by staff.)

Fae that live among the other races are exiles who have broken a major law from their society. While all powerful where they came from, the fae that walk among us do so chained to the mortal coil as a just punishment for their crimes. While most have come to accept their lot in life, some still yearn for the power they once knew. (All Fae must be approved by staff.) 


Grey Mountain Orcs are a tribal, warlike, and barbaric race, the children of the god Feydor. Violence is a way of life for these people, and with a firm belief in “might makes right”, Orcs preferred way to settle conflict is with fist or blade. A glorious death in battle means fulfillment of their belief that Feydor will reward them accordingly in the afterlife. Beware the Orcs both in and out of battle, for they are craftier than one might think! (All Orcs must be approved by staff.)