Dwarves are a hardy folk who primarily live in underground cities carved from the very crust of the earth, usually within ten miles of the surface. Even though dwarves far to the north of the Azkonian continent are generally divided into two kingdoms, those that reside here have united into one clan. Calling themselves Anræd (pronounced “Ahn-rad”, meaning “Reconciled”) Dwarves, they have claimed as their kingdom a flooded mine located near the Library of Arn and named it Flodgræg (pronounced “Fload grr aye”). While dwarves happily engage in trading with others, they are very secretive about what is going on within their own holdings, and non-dwarves are never permitted entry.

Demeanor: Dwarves place an unusual amount of pride in their own beard. Some at times will even braid their beard, or adorn it with beard rings should occasion permit, according to their station. Most dwarves, though not all, share a love of good drink and fine company. Honor and truth make up core pillars of modern dwarven society and thinking, and while some might call dwarves quick to anger in general, betraying these concepts is a quick way to earn their ire. Provisions must be used wisely at all times as being wasteful, especially of a good drink, is akin to an omen of bad luck.

dwarfInclinations: Particularly elderly members of the Anræd could still have memories of their time north, of the days of two clans, and may even harbor grudges to match. Dwarves tend to be sensitive about their beards, and anything said that could be construed as an insult or is otherwise less complimentary than “Even the gods would be jealous of your beard!” would be ill advised. Being called tall is generally viewed as rude, as well as refusing an offered drink. Jumping is viewed as distasteful except in the direst of need and dwarves would prefer to build a bridge, use a rope, or bypass the problem entirely. Dwarves will only share the contents of their mug with another as a sign of the utmost trust in them. Similarly, permission to touch a dwarven beard in any way is a high honor, and expected to be treated as such.

Lifespan: Up to 250 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Male dwarves must be willing to wear a fake beard at all times, or be able to physically grow a beard. Female dwarves may choose to either physically braid their hair, wear a wig that can be braided, wear a fake beard, or grow a real beard.

Racial Ability: Stone Skin – Once per rest your skin may take on the properties of stone, allowing you to take one less damage from all sources for ten minutes.


If you are interested in playing a dwarf, we suggest you read about their home, the Flodgræg Mine.