????????????????????????????????????The Fae are those who have been punished for breaking one (or more) of their former society’s most unyielding laws. They have been exiled, condemned to wander the mortal realm banished from all that they have known, and stripped of their divinity.

Demeanor: Fae are mischief makers often creating chaos wherever they go. They tend to be alluring, often enticing others into participating in their schemes. They are also extremely secretive. It is rare to meet a Fae that will tell you anything of the crime they committed to exile them. Some Fae embrace this new life and live it to the best of their abilities while others feel hurt and betrayed. Oftentimes you will find them wandering searching for a suitable companion to replace the families they have lost.  Exiled Fae are collectors of oddities with pouches full of unusual items. They are especially fond of glittery items such as coins, jewelry, bells and baubles. They are hopelessly addicted to sugar in all it’s forms, and every Fae carries a bottle of sugar on their person. They are masters of twisting words, beware of taking their statements as ironclad truth. Fae harbor the incessant need to trade. They are constantly gathering new stories.

Inclinations: A Fae will take great insult being referred to as an elf due to their superiority complex and all elves are absolutely beneath them. Similarly, insulting their intelligence is a grave offense. Fae will not cross moving water using their own legs (bad luck). They must use a bridge of some sort.

Lifespan: Age prior to banishment plus no more than 500 years possible.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Pointed ears and facial (and bodily, if desired) marking in the form of swirls, lines, sigils, etc of a single solid color such as red or blue are a must. These markings are reflective of the stripping of their divinity and can not be changed, and must be present every time the Fae character is played.

Racial Ability: Disperse Magic – Once per rest you may call “Resist” to negate one magical spell/effect used against you. This skill does not apply to spells that do not deal a specific amount of damage and take you to zero body (with or without bleed-out).

**Restricted Race**: This race may not be played without staff approval.


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