halfelf2-originalHalf Elves tend to possess traits, demeanors, inclinations, and attitudes from both of their human and elf parents in some measure, either through inheriting genetics or through their upbringing. While they can be found living with either parental race and contributing as a valuable member of society, some do treat them as outcasts.

Demeanor and Inclinations: How a Half Elf generally acts and feels is highly influenced by their heritage and upbringing which can vary pretty wildly. As compared to the other, perhaps more predictable, races in Azkon, Half Elves are highly variable in this regard.

Lifespan: Up to 250 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Pointed ears are a must. If your character inherited more genes from your elven parent, all exposed skin must be in accordance with that elven race. Any existing facial hair in any form is acceptable.

Racial Ability: May choose either the human racial, or the racial of your chosen elven parents’ ethnicity.