High Elf

A male and female High Elf.

A male and female High Elf.

High Elf philosophy matches their name as they see themselves as the pinnacle of all mortal creatures. To that effect, have taken it upon themselves to guide the future of all world events. Even though they from the same common ancestor of Wood Elves, they have distinguished themselves from their less evolved cousins with their obsession with humanity, and particularly with Arcane and Divine magics. While it has not been proven, it is suspected that High Elves are at the root of most or all significant events that have occurred on Azkon, and will occur in the future.

Demeanor: The most noticeable personality trait of High Elves is their comfortable arrogance. Typically dwelling around humans (especially in the larger cities), while dressing lavishly, High Elves are proud to show what they believe to be a metropolitan and advanced culture. High Elves believe in being effective from the shadows, and are happy to use others as cat’s paws. Power plays among the High Elves often involve placing their pawns in impossible situations, the better to show off their political maneuvering if possible, as the whole world is viewed as a chess game.


Inclinations: Calling a High Elf uneducated is similar to calling a Dwarf tall; not only is it patently false, but it is one of the worst insults that can be offered to a High Elf. High Elves find being handed things distasteful, and would prefer to have something set down for them to pick up at their pleasure. High Elves never shake hands, for it is considered the way of lesser races. If they must shake hands, they will always wear gloves, and, as a rule, always make a show of how inconvenient this process is. Owing a favor is viewed as weakness, unless it can be twisted into benefiting you without others knowing.


Lifespan: Up to 500 years.


Makeup & Garb Requirements: Pointed ears are a must, as well as a gold or silver tint to the skin of the face in general and particularly around or under the eyes. High Elves are normally more cosmopolitan than the other elves so they try to dress a little fancier than their elven cousins. Any existing facial hair must be kept short and neatly trimmed.

Racial Ability: Mental Fortitude – Once per rest you may call “Resist” to negate one charm/mind based effect. (Examples: hallucinations and insanity, but do not include effects like possession via spirits, etc)


If you are interested in playing a High Elf, we suggest you read about their origins and history on Azkon.