Humans are the dominant race on Azkon. They control most of the continent, and lead all of the various factions. Humans on Azkon are much like Humans in real life, with many different places of origin and varied cultures/beliefs.

Demeanor: Humans are varied in their demeanor. Some are kind, and seek to help those who are in need, while others are selfish, and take what they desire no matter the consequences.

Inclinations: It is considered bad luck to watch someone leave, as it symbolizes that you shall never see that person again. Having spells such as “Detect Lie” and “Detect Evil” cast upon them is a great personal insult to most humans, for those were the tactics used by the Hazon Inquisition to root out dissenters and subversives.

Lifespan: Up to 85 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: None

Racial Ability: Great Potential – +30 starting XP (130 total).

Humans on Azkon control the major Houses: Hazon, Thorn, Dranir, Kran, Knights of the Peak, and The Library of Arn.