Kithrix are a humanoid race with cat-like features such as ears, fur, and a tail. With varying sizes and shapes, their colorings usually resemble wild cats such as the tiger or the panther. Kithrix, as with most other non-human races, originally came to Azkon as slaves to the Hazon Empire, though they proved to be undesirable slaves and have since escaped and fled into the middle of the continent, the Wild Plains. They now live and travel in small, close-knit groups called prides which are almost always composed of Kithrix, although trusted outsiders have been noted to gain acceptance.

Demeanor: Insular by nature, Kithrix prefer to keep to themselves, although they have been noted to be friendly towards Wood Elves and Fae due to a shared respect for nature. Generally known to be an honorable race, when a Kithrix gives their word, they try their utmost to keep it and expect the same of others. These cat-like folk tend to naturally confound others with very literal speech. Many Kithrix are extremely cautious about magic and its users in general, however nature magic has been deemed generally acceptable. Unholy or dark magic is at all times viewed to be a perversion of the natural order of things and users of such vile magics quickly find themselves set upon by angry Kithrix! Kithrix and Orcs have at least a begrudging respect for each other, as they tend to think in similar terms, or are at least willing to consider things the Orcish way.


Inclinations: To Kithrix, personal honour is one of the most important things to them, and to be accused of being dishonourable is an insult to them and their entire pride. Similarly, comparisons to domestic household cats are also taken poorly. Due to their inherent distrusting nature, Kithrix never involve outsiders in their pride, pride business, or any ceremonies. Sleeping far away from the rest of their pride is just inviting bad luck, mostly because it leaves the Kithrix alone and vulnerable. Claws (which are retractable and thus, not always in view) are a point of pride for all Kithrix, and any member of their race who has had their claws removed, even if it was by choice, finds themselves forever shunned.

Lifespan: Up to 250 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: They look like humanoid cats, meaning a minimum of ears, tail, and cat like nose and whiskers (prosthetic or makeup). Fur should be absolutely incorporated into your outfit whenever possible as Kithrix do have fur naturally. We suggest avoiding any kind of fur “suit” for safety reasons, and similarly, full fur helmets that cover the entire head are not allowed. If you choose to use your claws, they must be two white “boffers” less than 16 inches in length.

Racial Ability: Natural Claws – You have two natural “claws” (two white boffers less than 16” in length) that cannot be disarmed, broken, etc and deal base 2 damage. Combat skills may be purchased for the claws as if they were daggers, and weapon proficiency and mastery (+1 and +2 dmg, respectively) for claws, learned once, applies to both claws. Weapon strikes cannot be blocked with claws; you take full damage.


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