Kithrix are a humanoid race with feline-like features such as ears, fur, and a tail. With varying sizes and shapes, their colorings usually resemble wild cats such as the tiger or the panther.

Kithrix, as with most other non-human races, originally came to Azkon as slaves to the Hazon Empire. With the help of mages from the Library of Arn, they escaped from Hazon and slavery. They now live in prides in the Southern Wild Plains, near the Library of Arn.


Demeanor: Kithrix are observant and can be slow to trust others, Kithrix and non-Kithrix alike. Although they hate comparisons to house cats, Kithrix are naturally inquisitive and love to learn. They tend to be a practical people, preferring tools and clothing that are functional and useful for many tasks. Kithrix tend to speak very bluntly, and many are quite literal. Kithrix tend to favor nature and spirit magic but enough of them have chosen to study at the Library of Arn that practitioners of all the schools can be found amongst their numbers. Other races tend to perceive kithrix as honorable, though, bad apples can be found anywhere. No Kithrix will take a mate of another race or wear the pelt of an animal that they did not kill.


Inclinations: Kithrix can be prickly where honor is concerned, particularly if the honor of their pride is insulted. Kithrix never involve outsiders in their pride, pride business, or pride ceremonies. In exceptionally rare circumstances, such as when an outsider saves the life of an elder or makes an astounding personal sacrifice to protect the pride, they will be invited to celebrate or witness a ceremony honoring them and their deeds. Most Kithrix on Azkon associate themselves with Garresh or the Library of Arn due to the fairness of Garreshian laws and their gratitude to the Library. Kithrix favor magic and martial combat equally, and are known to hunt those who dare to abuse magic. Kithrix hate when others disrespect the elders of their pride and having their tail touched.


Lifespan: Up to 250 years.


Makeup & Garb Requirements: They look like humanoid cats, meaning a minimum of ears, tail, and cat like nose and whiskers (prosthetic or makeup). Fur should be absolutely incorporated into your outfit whenever possible as Kithrix do have fur naturally. We suggest avoiding any kind of fur “suit” for safety reasons, and similarly, full fur helmets that cover the entire head are not allowed. If you choose to use your claws, they must be two white “boffers” less than 16 inches in length.


Racial Ability: Natural Claws– You have two natural “claws” (two white boffers less than 16 inches in length) that cannot be disarmed, broken, etc and deal base 2 damage. Combat skills may be purchased for claws as if they were daggers, and weapon proficiency and mastery (+1 and +2 damage, respectively) for claws, learned once, applies to both claws. Weapon strikes cannot be blocked with claws; you take full damage.


General Information

Kithrix are a feline-like race who come in many sizes and colors, usually closely resembling wild cats from lions, to tigers, and smaller wildcats like lynxes. Their lifespans can extend up to two hundred and fifty years, though on Azkon, given the brutal nature of the Hazonian Plains, few live that long. Kithrix prides are very protective of their elders as elders are tasked with teaching their history and culture to their young.

In the past Azkonian Kithrix were xenophobic, however, the Library of Arn as well as some friendly interactions with the Wood Elves have helped change their minds. Their previous xenophobia is what led to the Hazon Empire capturing so many of them as slaves. They have learned the hard lesson that making allies is important to the survival of their people. Kithrix typically revere one or more of Azkon’s nature deities: Nenteth, Dania, or Odara. It is rare, but occasionally Kithrix will find themselves drawn to hunt undead and follow Tidron, and yet others find themselves drawn to Kannath as the patron of history. Some Kithrix follow Feydor, but given his rage and anger find it difficult to fit within a pride.

Kithrix live in small packs, called prides. These prides are comprised of close knit individuals who are either family or highly trusted allies. Azkonian Kithrix prides never allow non-Kithrix to join their prides. While they have grown to accept that other races have good ideas, only Kithrix may be members of the pride. Kithrix orphans who have been adopted by those of other races will often refer to their new families as their pride, often to the chagrin of other Kithrix. Red is a color favored by many Kithrix, symbolizing blood, whether spilled or shared.

Kithrix dislike being compared to house cats. However, they may joke amongst themselves or with close non-Kithrix friends about such things. Kithrix and dwarves whether friends or not, tend to joke about the dwarven dislike of jumping, cats, and shaving each other. This began as a way to make light of their shared history with Hazon and to outsiders seems quite inappropriate and in bad taste.


Kithrix culture and history is told in the form of stories passed from generation to generation, in honor of Nenteth. They memorize and tell these stories at feasts. Most Kithrix prides practice oral history and the idea of their stories being written down is strange.

As with all other non-human races, the Kithrix came to Azkon through slavery. However, the empire quickly realized that it had bitten off more than it could chew by enslaving the Kithrix, they proved to be poor slaves–running away at will, viciously attacking the masters, and causing general chaos. After a few decades of mayhem, which many scholars agree helped weaken the empire and their use of slaves, the empire planned to slaughter all the Kithrix. However, those plans did not come to fruition. The Library of Arn aided the Kithrix, who had been rounded up for slaughter, ensuring that they escaped. Some Kithrix are bitter that the Elves, Orcs, and Dwarves did not attempt to help them, but most of the Kithrix are eternally grateful to the Library.

The majority of Kithrix live in the Southern Wild Plains around the Library of Arn. They settled here after Library mages aided them in escaping Hazon and slavery. They now protect the Library of Arn from the orcs who maraud across the Wild Plains. The Library has taken in many Kithrix who wished to learn magic.

Those Kithrix who do not join the Library but still seek to offer magical aid to their pride find themselves drawn to nature and spirit magic. Those who do join the Library often find themselves drawn to the Waer-Loga to prevent the misuse of magic.

In recent times, some southern Kithrix have gone to join the Kingdom of Garresh as the laws passed by King Thorn have them being being treated and respected as equals. Many Kithrix do not get along Valzjennis because of an old Valzjenni belief that Kithrix never had two coins to rub together and could not count them if they did.


A Kithrix pride is an extended family, though not all members are related by blood. A pride of Kithrix is led by its elders who are advised by the greatest hunters. Though they may have originally distrusted the thoughts and ideas of other races, Azkonian Kithrix have come to realize that there may be merit in the ways that others do things. As a result of this, young Kithrix that have just reached adulthood are sent out from the pride and to other lands to find some knowledge or skill that will be beneficial to their pride. When they return, they are welcomed back and their achievements are celebrated. Those that do not find anything useful are not welcomed back and are told to leave the pride. These Kithrix often become wanderers searching for something to call their pride.

Prides tend to be small, and are sometimes nomadic. Azkonian Kithrix live in dwellings fashioned from the hides of animals, and their clothing often incorporates fur, leather, antler, or bone. No Kithrix pride grows large enough that the surrounding lands become unable to support it. They split before this can happen.


Kithrix are proud of their claws. A Kithrix who loses their claws is deeply ashamed of the fact, and will never speak of it, and will attempt to have them restored at any cost. In general, Kithrix find some elements of city life bewildering, but they are not derisive and often curious. Kithrix love to hear the stories of others and will often sit quietly when one is being told, their full attention on the storyteller.

Nearly all Kithrix enjoy hunting, but they never hunt for sport. It is considered an honor to provide food for elders who have grown too old to hunt, and Kithrix compete fiercely for this honor. Like Nenteth, Kithrix love humor and storytelling. It is no surprise that the Bardic Archmage at the Library of Arn is a Kithrix, who tells his tales through song.

Because of their close-knit society Kithrix despise hypocrites, liars, cheats, and selfishness. Life is a struggle and any member who does such things brings harm to the pride. This has led outsiders to believe that Kithrix are honorable to a fault. However, like all other races, there are Kithrix who follow their dark impulses.


“Nenteth made us, but he is not perfect, and neither are we.” Said when a Kithrix is being too prideful.

“You are stepping on my tail.” Said when someone is infringing on another’s space.


If you are interested in playing a Kithrix, we suggest you read their origin story here.


**Restricted Race**: This race may not be played without staff approval.