The Moon Elf race no longer exists in the Kanarak world.

This page is here for archival purposes only.



Originally hailing from Lune Mountain, Moon Elves can also be found on the Azkonian continent. Far from their ancestral lands, their purpose in Azkon is known only to them. Even though Moon Elves find themselves stranded and unable to return home, they still keenly feel the call of Lune Mountain. These elves, originally few in number, are generally not seen often, and almost never as a large group. More recently, if one looks closely, they could perhaps be found serving quietly in the background as advisors to councils and nobles. There are vague rumors concerning the existence of a small Moon Elven settlement in the mountains somewhere near the lands of the Knights of the Peak, but due to both the usual Moon Elven secrecy and the extremely treacherous and dangerous nature of those lands, they remain simply rumors.

Demeanor: Moon Elves tend to keep to themselves to a degree, hold their secrets close (especially concerning their home), and take enjoyment in occasionally being near to others, but not necessarily being the center of attention. Moon Elves tend to treat others with indifference, and don’t usually hold strong feelings regarding things that don’t concern or impact them. However, they have a particular interest in the workings of any magic.

Inclinations: Moon Elves will not respond to personal questions unless they view the other as a very close friend. Like all personal jokes, quips about their skin coloring, especially around their eyes, are viewed with distaste. Sleeping anywhere where their beloved moon is not able to be seen is considered bad luck.
Lifespan: Up to 500 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Pointed ears are a must, as well as a blue tint to the skin of the face in general and particularly around or under the eyes. Because of the climate of their original home, Moon Elves normally dress in comfortable utilitarian clothing, with a preference for darker colors. Any existing facial hair must be kept short and neatly trimmed.

Racial Ability: Ray of Light – Once per day, without the need for an incantation, create a 5’ radius of healing for two minutes. Once a target has been in the radius for 10 seconds, they will gain 1 body every ten seconds. This spell does not need to be incanted (simply say “+1 body” every 10 seconds) and will expire after two minutes. Other actions (casting spells, combat, etc) can continue while this is active. Should you take any damage, the effects will end immediately.