Ogrekin are the descendants of humans who were first mutated by Faisal Doromere some four hundred plus years ago. They are generally known for their yellow skin and tusks and physical strength, as well as their insatiable rage when provoked.

Demeanor: While they tend to rely on their strength to solve most problems (and decide leadership!), Ogrekin are not dumb, and can show a cunning intelligence that might surprise their opponents. They have a learned distrust of outsiders, especially those that appear to be from cities.

An Ogre-kin repairing armor.

An Ogre-kin repairing armor.

Inclinations: Due to their tusks (which tend to interfere with normal speech) Ogrekin generally don’t speak as much as other folk. Being condescended to, or jokes referring to their rapid aging are considered offensive. Ogrekin would never enter into any kind of romantic relationship with a non-Ogrekin. ‘Kin of all kinds believe that holding back bodily functions (farts, burps, calls of nature, etc) is both bad luck and unhealthy.

Lifespan: Up to 50 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Fake tusks that jut upwards are a must, as well as yellow makeup on all exposed skin.

Racial Ability: Bloodlust – Once per rest, you may perform a battle rite or ritual (such as a haka) to become enraged with an unquenchable thirst for blood. This grants you +1 damage for ten minutes.


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