Scions are born or created through the will of the gods. Rumors abound about the origins of the Scions. Some rumors say that they are the children of those who once held mantles of divinity. Others speculate that they are born of the blasphemous union between gods and mortals. Sages of the Library have suggested that the wars caused random divine mutations to come into being. It has even been rumored that one Scion was created by a god impressed with the conviction and battle prowess of his foe. The truth of the matter could be all of these or none.

Scions are half human and half divine. It is not known why the other races have not manifested the powers of the Scions. However, it is known that some Scions come into being as children and infants, while others suddenly manifested the power of the divine and the prime at a later age. Scions come from all the lands of Azkon, though they generally seek out those who worship the Prime that they are affiliated with.

Demeanor: Faith is the driving force behind almost everything a Scion does. They have a connection to the gods that goes beyond that of what champions do. A Scion that chooses to go down the path of a champion is viewed as the pinnacle of their faith. Because of their connection to the divine, Scions respect all of the gods and brook no blasphemy or mocking of them, even if that god follows their opposing Prime.

Inclinations: Scions feel most comfortable around those that follow the same Prime that they do. Being in places that are strongly linked to a Prime provokes a strong emotional response from a Scion. If that place is close to their Prime, they feel a sense of comfort, belonging, or even ecstasy. If it is linked to their opposite they feel sadness, sickness, or even physical pain. Scions always follow the Prime that they share blood with, they do not deviate from this path. Individual Scions tend to embody an aspect of their Prime. Whether it is the conquering nature of the dark or the pure freedom of chaos.

Lifespan: The lifespan of a Scion is unknown.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Scion garb must reflect the supernatural, sublime, divine, or horror of the gods. Scion costumes must have two visible features that show their supernatural heritage. Examples are horns, claws, colored contacts, fangs, pointed ears, ritualistic face paint (does not change between games). Wings are not allowed.

Racial Ability: Blood of the Primes – Scions gain two free spell knowledge skills at character creation. One is divine and the other is dependent upon their prime. Light scions get light, dark scions get dark, order scions get runic magic and chaos scions get elemental. Scions do +1 damage and healing when using their prime (Light for Light, Dark for dark, Magic for Order, and Fire/Acid/Shock/Cold for Chaos), and take no armor damage from their opposite. Chaos scions take damage from the banishment spells (3 for lesser, 5 for banishment, and 8 for greater banishment; these are -1 if delivered through a spell weapon, and +1 if used by a scion of order). They do not need a teacher to learn spells from these schools, instead they must meditate 30 minutes for each spell learned. Scions can never learn any other Spell Knowledge skill.

Limited- There are capstones that Scions can never learn. They are: Arcane, Bardic, Nature/druid, Dancer, Spirit, Warmage, and Will.

*Advanced Race*: In order to play this race, the garb and backstory intended for the character must be approved by the Owners. In addition, because of the high roleplaying requirements, a prospective player will be quizzed on the lore of all the gods. Also, this race can only be chosen by a player that has had a character reach 2000 experience points. Very few of this race will be allowed on field.