The Scarred are a people that have been fighting against the Qidar for as long as they remember. They refuse to give up that fight as they know that they have been blessed by the Powers. The Scarred hail from three islands far to the south of Azkon and are unfamiliar with they cultures and ways of Azkon. They come to Azkon to continue their fight against the Qidar and learn about the great Houses.

Demeanor: The Scarred are for the most part curious about the cultures and races that make up Azkon. Until they arrived on Azkon the only races they knew of were themselves and the Qidar. They know nothing of magic or of the lesser gods. Each of their three islands is dedicated to one of three Powers: Aranayan, Enoth, and Belendor. Each of the three islands has a culture that is largely unique from the others. Other races do not know what to make of the Scarred, as they have no history on Azkon.

Inclinations: The Scarred are fiercely religious and devoted to one of the Powers. Magic is a curiosity to them, though they do not use it themselves. They do not wear armor when they fight, as they are a seafaring people. They are unaware of currency, as all three islands barter goods for goods. Coin to them is just a shiny metal that looks nice. The Great Houses are unknown to them, and the Scarred are curious about the interactions between the factions.

Lifespan: The Scarred can live up to 500 cycles

Makeup and Garb Requirements: Each Scarred has intricate black facial tattoos of a geometric design. Scarred generally wear robes as their main clothing items. They refuse to wear armor of any kind.

Racial Ability: One with Self – You can meditate for 30 seconds to heal 5 body. You can do this for as often and as long as you wish.

Racial Exemplar: Aegis of the Gods – When you meditate you also gain 1 magic armor per 30 seconds, to a maximum of 5.

*Advanced Race*: This race may not be played without staff approval

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