Wood Elf


Almost all Wood Elves of today hail from their kingdom of Alindariel, established in the summer of 1017, located in a large forest that spans from Blackmire Lake up to Dragon’s Peak Mountains. They share a close bond with nature and desire to preserve, and not exhaust, natural resources. Since Alindariel is a relatively new kingdom, Wood Elves are still adjusting to life outside of the Wild Plains, the savanna they previously called home.

Demeanor: Wood Elves tend to look favorably upon those who keep the best interests of nature in mind, and as they themselves respect nature, they wish for others to do likewise. Unlike their High Elven brethren, Wood Elves always scorn the arcane and divine magics of the humans in favor of the more natural magics of the world. As humans have claimed virtually all of the known woodlands to (presumably) exploit their resources, and thus pushed the Wood Elves out into the Wild Plains, Wood Elves tend to be wary and suspicious of outsiders in general, and humans in particular.

Inclinations: Disrespectful comments towards nature, the thing all Wood Elves cherish, are never taken well. Insults referring to a Wood Elf not living in the woods anymore, or perhaps being a “Plain” Elf are considered to be particularly rude. Solving problems via violence, especially mass violence, is not going to be the first option for any Wood Elf, but rather the last. The wasting of resources, especially any that came from an animal such as meat for food is considered both disrespectful and a form of bad luck.

Lifespan: Up to 500 years.

Makeup & Garb Requirements: Pointed ears are a must, as well as a green or white tint to the skin of the face in general and particularly around or under the eyes. Wood Elves are more at home in the wilds and tend to wear clothing that is easy to take care of and blends into their natural surroundings. Any existing facial hair in any form is acceptable.

Racial Ability: Pick one of the three at character creation:

  • Thorn Vine – Once per day, without the need to incant, throw a spell packet to wrap the leg of the target in thorns for 20 seconds and deal 5 no armor damage. For the duration of the 20 seconds, the target cannot move the affected leg. (See casting rules for rules on how to cast this properly.)
  • Spell Knowledge: Nature and Spell Knowledge: Bardic
  • Spell Knowledge: Nature and Spell Knowledge: Spirit
    A Wood Elf eating lunch.

    A Wood Elf eating lunch.


    A High Elf begrudgingly eating at the same table as a Wood Elf.

    A High Elf begrudgingly eating at the same table as a Wood Elf.














If you are interested in playing a Wood Elf, we suggest you read about their origins and history on Azkon and about their kingdom, Alindariel.