The Second Dynasty War

Compiled and Recorded by Lady Kyra Varelond, Historian to King Thorn and the Realm of Garresh. Written on January 12th, 1017 Common Era.

“Notes added by Hasan Al’Mehad Salim, Imperial Archivist to Empress Zynnera Razkar and the Empire of the Hazon Dynasty upon the 14th of Januarie, 1017 Age of the Golden Sun.”

Prelude to War

In the Summer of 1016 C.E. a series of monstrous storms swept throughout the land, creating rifts that swallowed entire towns and armies whilst dropping peoples from foreign places in Azkon.

Lord Evnan Thorn of the realm of Garresh had lost much during this time, unable to find his older brother Jorrin. He and his retinue were investigating a mysterious crop blight when they came across a mass of people that had been drawn through a rift from a faraway land called Lastrandus.

It was at this time that the two separate groups banded together against an encroachment of Jara’Hem barbarians and found the evil source of the crop blight.

Lord Evnan Thorn then left on a mission and disappeared. Yet shortly after Jorrin Thorn came to them and led them against the Jara’Hem, before discovering agents of the Hazon Dynasty scouting the lands. Jorrin Thorn formed an alliance with the Jara’Hem against the Hazon, just as his grandfather had done generations past. The allied battle lines fought under Lord Jorrin Thorn’s banner that day and vanquished the Hazon forward scout force that very day in what was called the “Battle of the Wasps”, for a great number of the insects harassed and caused chaos among the Hazon ranks.

“The Hazon Empire was hit very lightly by the rifts compared to the rest of Azkon, and thus the influential military aristocracy saw the opportunity to retake Garresh in one fell strike. Despite Princess Zynnera Razkar’s pleas for diplomacy and peace, Emperor Suledin Razkar was swayed by the promises of glory and living up to the Hazon dream of ultimate supremacy that his generals told him. As the Hazon legions were marshalled together, a forward scout force was sent to gather intel and if possible, slay the Lords of Thorn before the invasion, but that attempt failed.”

The Hazon Invasion

Lord Jorrin led his forces north towards the Wall, where they established a temporary camp that the people referred to as Haven. Commander Rainroot of the Garresh army was tasked with holding the wall as Lord Thorn’s forces battled with Hazon soldiers, whose numbers were reinforced by the use of demon warriors. The Knights of the Peak and the Library lent what aid they could, and the allied armies won several skirmishes along the border of the Wall.

Yet their triumph was short lived, as the bulk of the Hazon legions numbering ten thousand or more approached. They were led by Emperor Suledin Razkar himself, who sought to turn some of Lord Thorn’s foreign allies against him. It was at this time that magic had begun to fluctuate, causing random and unpredictable results. Jorrin Thorn discovered the Emperor parleying with some of his people and attempted to cast a spell upon Suledin when his arm burst in flames. Though the Emperor did not take Jorrin’s life, the Lord returned to Haven with both his pride and his body wounded, yet he would still lead his soldiers in a final defense against overwhelming odds.

The next morning the Hazon army teleported directly into the Garreshian ranks through the sorceries of their ritualists and knowledge of the Wall’s magic defenses. The Thorn alliance were badly defeated and many died that day, but Jorrin and many of his closest allies were taken prisoner in a Hazon base after a brief, but strange journey through the Negative Plane. Although they managed to escape, they were too late for the horror that had taken place.

“General Azael Lazure, who had been the loudest voice advocating for war, commanded the Hazon Imperial Army south as his vanguard fought to secure a foothold upon the Wall with some difficulty. Emperor Suledin Razkar accompanied the Imperial Army along with his Honor Guard, led by the great warrior, Captain Jibrael of His Majesty’s Royal Security Force. Emperor Suledin Razkar understood that many of the foreign allies of Lord Thorn did not side with him willingly and thought to strike a deal with them to deliver Lord Thorn, in return for their safety when the Imperial Army advanced. Despite some interest, the deal was not done, and so the Emperor gave General Lazure permission to invade at full tilt. Using information from the captured Evnan Thorn, the Hazon Magi managed to work their spells through the Wall’s magic security, allowing Hazon Teleport Infantry to quickly and efficiently dispatch the Garresh soldiers at the Wall.”

The Fall of Maribor

The Hazon armies fell upon Maribor, capital of Garresh. Though the defenders of the city fought valiantly, they were crippled by new Hazon long range weapons before being annihilated by the Empire’s main forces. Yet destroying the Garresh army was not enough. The Hazon slaughtered their way into the civilian population of Maribor, killing every single person they could find as they ravaged the city. Although there were some survivors, they numbered in the very few.

However, Jorrin Thorn and his companions managed to rescue Evnan Thorn afterwards, and suddenly their resolve was strengthened. They formed a resistance that struck at the Hazon whenever they could.

“As Emperor Suledin began to return to the Royal Palace, General Azael Lazure ordered the complete and utter destruction of Maribor. Using alchemical bombs and a new long range armbrust artillery design, the Imperial Army easily dismantled the city’s defenses, which were taken advantage of by the infantry and cavalry divisions, led by the legendary Death’s Headsman, Loyal Knight-Commander of the Hazon Dynasty, known for his ruthless efficiency in war.”

Death of the Emperor

During the Hazon occupation of Garresh, Lord Thorn’s resistance kept on fighting, striking a series of devastating blows against the Empire. Emperor Suledin Razkar then suddenly died from a mysterious cause in the Royal Palace. Power shifted to Princess Zynnera Razkar as the Hazon people began rallying to her.

“General Azael Lazure and other key military officials were slain by covert forces, which led to the crumbling of the Hazon military aristocracy. Support for the Princess and her stance on peace and diplomacy with the rest of Azkon grew quickly just as Emperor Suledin Razkar was discovered dead in his chambers.”

Peace and Coronation

As Princess Zynnera was crowned Empress of the Hazon Dynasty, she began to establish a peace treaty with the newly coronated King Jorrin Thorn and all of his allies. To solidify the peace Empress Zynnera was wed to Evnan Thorn.

The group of foreigners from Lastrandus and some of their cohorts who had stayed with Lord Thorn throughout the whole war were given respect and granted the town of Bryden’s Ferry as a new home for them, which was where the Royal wedding was held.

The peace has since been held and respected by both the Empire of the Hazon Dynasty and the Kingdom of Garresh.

“Zynnera Razkar ascended the Hazon throne as Empress. Quickly she put diplomatic directives into effect by establishing peace with the newly self-proclaimed King Jorrin Thorn as well as the other Houses of Azkon. To form a strong alliance bonded by blood, Evnan Thorn was married to Empress Zynnera, becoming her Majesty’s Prince-Consort.

Negotiations with the Kingdom of Garresh have proven to be successful and beneficial to the Hazon Dynasty as their combined workforces rebuild Maribor and their economy. Hope for the future is ripe.”

Written by Bernard C., this excellent article was the winning submission in the 2017 Second Dynasty War writing contest!