The First Year of the Age of Balance (2018 Season)

Herein lies a true and faithful recounting of the events of note that took place during the 1st year of the Age of Balance. As commissioned by his royal majesty, King Jorrin Thorn, and transcribed by Tavoral Shinas, royal Historian.



The end of the winter months would have been uneventful save for one thing. A group of ne’er do wells accepted a task from the dark goddess Odara. These black hearts made their way to the temple of Tidron atop Lune Mountain. Once there, these fools drew the symbol of Odara upon the altar to the Argent Guardian. In doing so, they started a chain of events that doomed an entire people.

A grand ball was held in the heart of the Silver city, organized by the Emperor of Hazon and her consort. Many notable personages from around Azkon attended the ball, including Countess Starbrow. Also invited to the ball were the people of Bryden’s Ferry. The very same people who not too long before had been Chosen by the gods.



The very first days of spring began a season of war that lasted almost all cycle long. The Garreshian town of Goldgarc was the site of battle between the defenders of Garresh and the attacking Knights of the Peaks. The fighting was over quickly, but town ended up being lost to the Peaks.

Moon elves across all of Azkon begin to fall to sadness without end. They were being poisoned from within by the desecration of Tidron’s temple. And the mantle of Tidron had yet to be passed on to one worthy of it.

A vast horde of orcs came down from the mountains, driving the weaker plains orcs in front of them. Whispers could be heard the Feydor himself led them in their lust for battle. The path of the orcs had them heading straight for Garresh.

In late spring, our beautiful Queen used a powerful ritual to save those Moon Elves that would accept her aid. The ritual transfigured all Moon Elves that chose into Wood Elves, those that refused perished shortly after. The spiritual poison caused by the desecration took them.



A shadow war began in late spring or early summer. The Inquisition of Kran began infighting amongst themselves. The causes of this was are unknown save for unsubstantiated rumors.

Orcs attacked the town of South Ferry in Garresh. Despite a noble defense by the members of the Garreshian army, the town fell to orcs. However, they were able to evacuate the women and children before it fell. Reports also came to light during this time that one of the Hazon Empire’s greatest generals had fallen to the orcs as well.

A great silver fire lit up the sky one night in the summer. A group of heroes fought a powerful lich. At the climax of the battle with the undead, Tidron’s mantle was taken up once more.

Murmurs of unrest amongst the nobility of Garresh reached the point where several lords and baronets openly rebelled against the true and just rule of King Jorrin Thorn.



As the leaves began to change color, the orcs that had occupied the town of South Ferry were finally driven out by the army of Garresh and their allies. The final remnants of the rebellion against the King were eliminated and put to rest.

Fully half of the Inquisition joined the kingdom of Garresh as their own sovereign state. Ursa Kran was named Duchess of the land.

Late in the fall the town of Bryden’s Ferry hosted a conclave of the Archmages of the Library of Arn, as they discussed who would take the open seat on the Archmage council. The votes were tied and the decision came down to a spell duel. The winner of the duel was Ashton Morr and he was named Archmage.

The existence of a fourth order in the Peaks was revealed to all. This order proved to be templars that were dedicated to the goddess Etall. Through spirit vision it was shown that they were behind the attack on Goldgarc and the fall of the Vastness, as well as many other things that had occurred throughout the cycle.



The orcs attacked in early winter. They faced the combined might of all the great houses of Azkon, and still they did not waver. Feydor stood at their head. Eventually Feydor was pleased and the battle ended. The orcs and their disappeared, probably back to where they came from.

In the aftermath, a new people were seen upon the plains. Little is known about them as of yet. Only that they are led by a woman who claims the title of Yazgur of the Konai Horde.

War was declared between Hazon and Garresh. On the side of Hazon stood the Library of Arn and the first order. With Garresh stood the rest of the Peaks and the Inquisiton. Dranir of course, had agents on both sides of the war.

Battle was joined at the ruined city of Malmira. The fighting was vicious, with heroics on both sides. As the fighting settled down and the two sides looked like they would reach an accord, there was a great explosion. Mages began to lose their minds. War of a different sort had come to Azkon.