The Lords’ War

Also known as The War of the Lords or The First Dynasty War

The Lords’ War

In the year of 970 the war that would shape the future of Azkon, the Lords’ War, began. What began as an uprising of one Olmir Thorn, displeased by the treatment of the slaves of the Hazon Dynasty, would cause the Dynasty to crumble. That in turn, would cause the formation of the Northern Houses.

At this time, the only established groups aside from the Dynasty were House Dranir, and the Library of Arn. The Knights of the Peak were lost long ago, destroyed by the Dynasty. In this story, you shall learn the formation of the other Houses, as well as how the Knight of the Peak were reestablished.

An Unlikely Beginning

Olmir, who had once served on the guard of Garresh, came from “House Thorn” a family of wealthy farmers who had provided food for the Dynasty for centuries. About fifty years before this story, in the year 916, Olmir’s grandfather, Serod, began to dream of a time when he wasn’t living under Imperial control. So he started to build a wall and dream of independence. That dream came true in May of 970.

That day, just like any other day, Olmir was walking home from selling his crops at a Dynasty outpost, after of course first stopping at a tavern. On his walk back, he witnessed a group of Dynasty soldiers assaulting an elderly woman who had taken care of his son, Mendin, when he was sick. The combination of anger and the mead in his veins was enough to cause Olmir to snap; killing two of the three guards, letting the third one go.


Word spread very quickly of this attack near the outpost, and as a result the people rebelled against the guards with Olmir as their leader, killing most of the guards there. The Dynasty did not respond kindly to this attack, quickly dispatching some of their most elite legion towards Garresh. Hearing that the troops were on their way, Olmir made a public speech at the outpost that the rebellion had now claimed as their own. That speech was all the former slaves and servants of the Dynasty needed to hear to band with Thorn, which in turn was how Olmir was able to get the Jara’hem on his side, promising them land after the rebellion was over as long as they stopped raided nearby towns. With the help of the Jara’hem, Thorn’s forces were able to defeat the Dynasty’s legion, and capture the capital of Garresh, Maribor. The key element to his victory was the use of “Serod’s Wall” a 4’ high stone wall that lined the border between Thorn lands and Hazon City. This wall was imbued with magic that blocked teleportation, so the Empire was unable to land reinforcements in Maribor through magical means. The wall also provided modest hindrance for horsemen as it was too high for a mounted knight to jump over. By the end of the war, the Hazon Dynasty had developed techniques for countering the wall, but they proved too little and too late.

Thorn Gathers Allies

Following this coup, Olmir quickly gained the attention of some of the more prominent people in Azkon, most notably the Dynasty’s master of trade, Viktor Dranir. Viktor himself had plans to weaken his reliance on the Dynasty and attempt to gather more and more power for his House, and Olmir’s rebellion fit in with his plans perfectly. After meeting several times, Thorn and Dranir were able to reach a deal. Thorn would provide protection for House Dranir, as well as ensuring that they trade their crops only with them, after of course ensuring that they and the Jara’hem have what the need. In return, House Dranir would cut off the Dynasty’s major trade routes, as well as providing Thorn with people that could assist with espionage and scouting. Together, the two of them were able to use their connections to reestablish the Knights of the Peak, by sending a lot of the supplies that were being siphoned from the Dynasty to Dragon’s Peak. This had been a long time coming, but it wasn’t until the Dynasty lost it’s power in Garresh that was stopping the Knights of the Peak from reforming for all those years.

While Dranir readied and assisted the Knights of the Peak, Olmir set out to respond to a rumor that had been floating around, that there was a lot of dismay among the ranks of the Dynasty’s Inquisition. Upon arriving in the land known as Lazora, Thorn was immediately arrested when he started asking to talk to the commander. He did in fact meet with the commander, but not in a friendly matter. The commander had him captured and started to torture him, waiting for the Dynasty to send their soldiers.

It wasn’t until the second in command of the Inquisition, Haymon Kran betrayed his commander to save Olmir. Kran was able to get most of the rest of the Inquisition on his side, and those who were not, were killed. Kran, Thorn and company left Lazora to head back to Garresh and on the way they spent a lot of time discussing battle plans, as well as the future. They agreed that the Inquisition would be disbanded, and Haymon would be given hold of Lazora, in return for their service to the rebellion.

The Dynasty Escalates

Halfway through the Lords’ War, in 973, the rebellion had won the majority of the battles up until about 8 months prior. It was then that the Dynasty, seemingly desperate, had their finest Mages use their power to summon Demons to fight for them. Possessing only normal weapons, and very little magic users, this turned out to be very effective against the rebellion, grinding all the progress they were making to a halt.

This is where the Library of Arn comes in. At the start of the conflict the Library did not want to choose a side in the War, seeing as how the Library was given to the Magi by the Emperor’s great grandfather, and they had pretty good relationships with their neighbors aside from the Inquisition. Because of this, they were very resistant to the idea of joining the rebellion, even though they didn’t agree with the Dynasty on most issues. This was the case, until the Archmagi died under mysterious circumstances, leaving Balik Alzane in his place. Balik Alzane has been the Archmagi of the Library ever since, a relatively short amount of time in his elven life. Thorn, Dranir, and Alzane met several times over the next moons, and were able to reach an agreement. The Library would be allowed to take contracts from any of the Houses and assist wherever they might be needed. In exchange, the Library would have free reign over any and all artifacts and the like that they might need to further their never-ending search for knowledge.

Alzane was able to slowly but surely convince the other top-ranking Magi to join the rebellion, and at the perfect time too. The Library’s Spellswords and War Mages were able to easily banish most of the Demons that the Dynasty had summoned, and as a result were able to help Thorn and his allies make a series of power plays that led to Dynasty’s final stand, at the Battle of Bullrok Bay.


Victory at Bullrok Bay led to the Treaty of Bullrok Bay and the end of the war. The Hazon Dynasty agreed to cede all land south of Hazon City to the various new “Houses.” Thorn and his allies divided the lands between them, with Thorn taking the most arable land directly South and East of the Empire. More south still from Thorn were swampy lands and a mercantile capital claimed by Dranir. Kran took a smaller plot Southwest of the Empire. To the Knights, Dragons Peak Mountains. Most of the land south of Kran went unclaimed, except for a small area dominated by the tower of the Library of Arn.

And so peace and land were won, but Olmir Thorn died shortly thereafter and his son, Mendin Thorn took over, after that…all was not as well, but that is another story.