The Origin of the Kithrix

Listen well young ones and I will tell you a tale. A tale of creation, our creation. It is one of many, but we hold this one dear to our hearts. So perk your ears and still your fidgeting, heed the words of your elder.

As with many tales, this one begins with a choice made by a God. Nenteth, the First Hunter, watched in silence as the peoples of Azkon worshipped and listened to the tales of their chosen Gods. He was the teller of stories, but he had no children to speak his stories to or to make laugh with his jokes. For many days and many nights he sat in silence upon the plains, neither moving nor hunting, as he sought an answer to this problem.

For a time the chimera, Nenteth’s eternal companion sat by and watched as the God thought. As time passed and night turned into day turned into night yet again, it grew distressed by Nenteth’s stillness. It stalked off into the plains, determined to bring back a prize that would shake the Alpha out of his thoughts. It knew what Nenteth wanted, and the chimera had its own idea of an answer.

After stalking across the plains for many days, hunger stirred deep within the great beast and it knew it would have to hunt, but that too was a part of the solution. Silently it came upon a pride of lions stalking a lone wood elven gatherer. It watched as a single lion pounced upon the back of the wood elf and knocked him to the ground. Here was the solution it was seeking. It roared and leapt upon the two, the rest of the pride scattering back into the plains. So great was the chimera’s hunger that it slew and devoured both the lion and the wood elf in their entirety. Sated and knowing that soon it’s solution would happen, it hurried back to the Alpha’s side.

The chimera knew that Nenteth wanted children like the other gods had, but he was still the God of beasts, so these children would have to reflect that. As she was the mother of beasts, so too would she give rise to those that Nenteth would favor. The children that even now grew within her would have the grace of the elf she had devoured and appearance and traits of the great cats. She would also give them a few gifts of her own, her cunning and her love for the stories the Nenteth told.

A strange and unknown mewling shook Nenteth from his thoughts and he looked around, eager to see what new creature might be within his sight. Instead of new prey to hunt, his eyes alit upon the chimera’s familiar form standing over a litter of creatures that he had never before seen. They walked upon two legs and had nimble hands that could eventually wield a spear or bow, but the rest of their features were like those of the great cats. Sharp eyes and ears and even sharper claws, but most importantly the spark of intelligence lurked in their eyes.

First a smile crossed his face, followed by joyous laughter. He gathered up the litter in his arms and went to a gathering of the Gods. Before all of them he proclaimed that these new people, these Kithrix, would be his children. He would teach them to hunt and tell them stories that they could pass down to their children. The other Gods were silent and looked to the Great Powers to see what their judgement would be. The first to nod was Aranayan, then Belendor, then it was Enoth, and lastly Twiggle. None of the powers gave their reasons for their agreement. Dania was the only god to approach Nenteth before he left with his children, and gave him her blessing as well.

And so the first of our people came to be. We were taught for a time by Keen-Eye himself. Now we pass on what was taught to us. Remember this tale young ones. Pass it on when you are grey. Keep the old stories alive. As Nenteth would want us to.