The Wild Plains are not very well documented, for when explorers are sent out there, very few come back. The races that claim these lands as home are mostly nomadic and tribal in nature, and do not take kindly to intruders. The Wild Plains take up a good portion of the continent, so it is not surprising that so many different societies and races live there.

However, the plains are inhospitable lands, and the only ones to survive are hardened by the experience. Typically, those who live on the Wild Plains are very individualistic and appreciate the freedom that living outside of the control of any but their family group (or tribe) gives.

While the plains are mostly for hunters, a few small villages have been established, but life there is not easy and they live in a constant state of fear from Wood Elf, barbarian, Kithrix, and Kin attacks.

The exceptions to this are the more powerful mages of the Library of Arn, the Templars of Vargenstrad Castle, and the Dwarves of the Flodgræg. However, these groups rarely interact with the other denizens of the Wild Plains.


The Wild Plains are a savanna, with sparse trees dotting the entire region, and only a few forests–if they could even be called that. The northern parts are hot and very dry, and there are no major rivers or lakes to speak of. Control of these water sources is paramount to survival, and more battles have been fought over water than any other cause in the plains. The southern half has one, large river, and a thick row of trees flanks both sides of that river. This is the more violent part of the plains as various tribes vie for control.

The species that live on the Plains are wide and varied, and you will commonly see most species you can think of wild, and there have been occasional sightings of giants. There are tales of basilisks that roam the Plains, but this is unconfirmed.


The Wild Plains are broken into three sections: North, Middle, and South. The various groups that live there have come to an uneasy accord after a significant period of fighting.

  • Humans
    • The humans were the first race to live on Azkon, and the first to live in the Wild Plains. As it was one of the few areas not controlled by the Hazon Dynasty, no one group has ever united the region, instead the humans mostly lived in small villages or nomadic barbarian tribes. With the coming of orcs, Kin, Kithrix, and elves, the humans have been under more pressure to fight for survival.
  • Wood Elves
    • The Wood Elves, though they have no woods worth calling a forest to claim as their own, live in the northern section of the Plains. They seem relatively unhappy with their arrangement here, and would prefer a proper forest–however due to lack of water and connection with the Aenash tree, they are doubtful that such a time will ever come. They have a confederation of tribes, which convene to negotiate treaties or unite in the most desperate of circumstances. Besides that, wood elves often fight each other more than they work together–an unhappy product of the cruel nature of the Wild Plains and the lack of anything to unite behind.
  • Ogres and Ogrekin
    • Ogres and Ogrekin live in the western half of the middle section of the plains, and very little is known about how their society is structured.
  • Goblinoids
    • Goblins, Goblinkin, and Orcs claim the eastern half of the middle section, and they live in warrens and strongholds, with the strongest often leading their tribes. They are joined by Hobgoblins, Trolls, and other creatures of that nature.
  • Kithrix
    • In the southern reaches are the Kithrix, and they travel in prides. They are few in number, but can fight back armies if they all band together. Little is known about the pride structure, though many scholars have tried to investigate.
  • Dwarves
    • Far to the west of the Plains sits the Flodgræg, a flooded mine occupied by the Anræd Dwarves. Since the dwarves do not discuss their business with anyone, what goes on in that mine is known to only them.
  • Library of Arn
    • The Library is a haven of knowledge and magic, but is wary of outsiders, for they never know who could be a Kranian in disguise.
  • Vargenstrad Castle
    • Somewhere in the west, nearly out of the Wild Plans, sits Vargenstrad Castle. This is occupied by the Templars of Azkon, and none but those in their order travel to this place and survive.