The Fall of the Fae


The Lords of the Fae did not take kindly to their banishment from the mortal plane. They were furious that they were forced to scratch out a meager existence in the Hollow Plane when they were accustomed to living in such grandeur.

The mightiest of the Fae Lords, Lord Tieronise vowed that they would once again rise up and take back what was once theirs. The others of his race rallied behind him and took him as their champion. He would lead them, guide them and bring their race back from the depths. As the years passed, time did not touch them.

The Fae struggled and persevered. Building upon the desolate land, soon a thriving city was bustling with life and purpose: that of returning home. A large stately library was constructed and therein was gathered all of the knowledge that the Fae had written along with the plans of their revenge.

The Fae Lords spent much of their time there plotting and planning while Lord Tieronise assembled his great army. Tieronise, exceptionally clever and cunning, enticed the other Lords into following his scheme. For three thousand years, he was revered as the Ruler of all Fae and none dared to challenge him.


For Love of Delonia

Lord Tieronise had many lieutenants, the most favored of which was Lady Delonia. He grew to greatly value Delonia in her station, and over time, she became important to him on a personal level as well. Delonia, however, did not wish to wed one so bent on revenge as Lord Tieronise. She found the desire for revenge and power undesirable in a partner, yet over time, out of a sense of duty she accepted his proposal.

They were wed in an exuberant display fit for the gods that the Fae thought they were. The entire city, newly renamed to Delonia in her honor, celebrated for three days and two nights with music, drink and unabashed merriments. Lady Delonia assumed her new station next to her husband, but her heart was filled with sorrow as she did not love her husband. She desperately wanted him to throw down the grudge he had carried with him for millennia. Compassion and forgiveness were foreign emotions to him and he scoffed at her pleadings.


A Child, a Change

The years continued to pass while Delonia fell deeper into her isolation. It was not to last for soon she discovered she was with child. Lord Tieronise was angered at the prospect of a challenger to his supremacy. She pleaded for the unborn child’s life and reluctantly he agreed to let her have the child. He was born into the waiting arms of his mother a few moons later. She named the infant prince “Nelmaros”.

His birth loosened the icy grip around her heart. While Tieronise took little interest in Nelmaros, Delonia would pour all her love into her son and raise him as the pride of her heart. A handsome and inquisitive child, with probing eyes that exuded strength, he was full of questions and wished to discover the truths of the world.


An End, and a beginning

Delonia once again found herself with child. Lord Tieronise barely acknowledged her announcement due to his obsession with his army. He had taken his son Prince Nelmaros under his wing and began to fill the youth’s thoughts with his rantings. The Prince attended the secret meetings, much to his mother’s chagrin, which created a distance between them. It did not take long for her beloved son to follow in his father’s steps. Lady Delonia’s heart began to shatter, breaking apart piece by agonizing piece.

She resolved to stay strong for the sake of this new child she carried within her. Alas her body was not as strong as her mind. Her strength began to wane. She felt the tell tale signs of death in the beating of her heart. Her dying wish was to bring forth this child into the world. The birth was difficult, the pain excruciating yet she clung tight waiting to hear the infant cry. The midwife did everything she could but it was not enough. The little girl wailed and screamed as her mother passed peacefully into the next plane.


Beloved Daughter

Lord Tieronise was summoned immediately when the imminent danger to his wife was evident. He arrived shortly after she had passed and in shock gazed upon the tiny princess. She was sleeping peacefully; a picture of angelic beauty. Lord Tieronise felt a welling within his chest and for the first time in many centuries, a single crystallized tear slipped down his hardened cheek. He knelt before the body of his long neglected wife and wept tears of sorrow. He mourned for their broken love, the wasted years he had spent twisted with his anger. He grasped her now cold hand and realized that he did indeed love her. It was at this moment that he finally understood what she had been trying to show him all this time. With a new vision clear in his heart he stood wiping the tears from his eyes and approached his new daughter. He touched her sleeping face ever so gently and whispered “I shall call you Cerelia and you will know love.”


Love and Hate, Order and Exile

Word of Lady Delonia’s death spread rapidly through the city. Nelmaros did not care one way or the other. He was too deeply entrenched in his desire for power to mourn for his dead mother. Lord Tieronise kept true to his vision and a new era dawned for the Fae. A time of peace and brotherhood soon enveloped them. Princess Cerelia quickly became a treasure to her father. He doted upon the beautiful girl and showered her with his undying attention.

Nelmaros a young man by now grew resentful with jealousy over the childhood his little sister was receiving. While the seeds of hate grew within the child, the father continued to nurture the flowers of love and caring. The Fae Lords were given a new order now. Gone were the secret meetings for revenge and in their place began the Council of Fate.

The Council were given the power to execute rules. Lord Tieronise granted the Fae more freedom however these rules had to be implemented to insure the city’s safety. He decreed that any Fae caught committing these crimes would be immediately punished and exiled as seen fit



Prince Nelmaros’ desire to become Lord had become all consuming, and twisted him into a poisonous individual. Nelmaros, desiring to seize the power that was his by right, along with the other disaffected sons of the Council, hired several assassins who swiftly dispatched all of the Council members and their immediate allies, while Nelmaros personally dispatched his father. Cerelia fled through a high window into a cold, fast flowing river below, presumably to her demise. The city was his, and those foolish enough to protest were made examples of. The Sons stood behind him. The Prince, now Lord, was not satisfied with just his father’s throne.


History, Circular in Nature

The city was once again was in the throes of a battle hungry ruler thirsty for revenge against the powers.  Military might was consolidated and increased as Nelmaros began preparations for war. Two thousand years passed this way, and although occasionally thoughts of his sister Cerelia crossed his mind, Nelmaros was determined to take back their original realm on the mortal plane and reclaim their role in the grand design. Nothing would get in his way now.


The End of the Fae Lords

In the winter of 1,016 the Fae Lords invaded the Divine Plane. Over the next year, the gods battled and eventually defeated all of the Lords of the Fae. The only fae who remain are those who were banished to the Mortal Plane before this time.