The Origin of the Elves

The Children of Ildarian

Five thousand years ago, in the height of the lesser god rebellion against the powers, a powerful Fae Lord named Ildarian fell in love with Arwenlinwe, a woman of the First Men. Despite the love Ildarian felt for his mate, he fled into the Hallow Plane with the other Fae following the complete victory of the powers over the rebellious gods. However, he had left behind a legacy. Three children; all unique in appearance and personality. Half Fae and half First Man, they became the first elves.

The eldest son, Denalis was ancestor to the moon elves. The middle child, a daughter named Ferania, was ancestor to the wood and high elves. And the youngest child, a son named Merannor, was ancestor to the dark elves.

From a very young age Merannor was openly jealous of his brother’s looks and strength in magic, and even more so was he jealous of his sister who, when she walked barefoot, nature itself bloomed in her wake. Merannor, feeling like he was living in the shadows of his siblings, was never satisfied with his accomplishments and punished himself for his mistakes.

The accomplishments and vexations of Ildarian’s children were guided and tempered by Arwenlinwe who ran the “House of Ildarian.”

The Elven Race Expands

As generations passed, the children of Ildarian began to see that the First Men were changing. Some retained their “divine heritage” and any union between them and an elf resulted in children who were full elves. But many First Men were becoming something different, they were becoming human, and any child of an elf and human was born a half-elf.

Worried that the humans were watering down the blessings of Ildarian, Denalis, Ferania, and Merannor set out to establish lands ruled by only them and their, now extensive, families.

The Elves find their Homes


Dark Elves

As the three siblings, and their families, traveled they began to see that they had different dreams of their ideal home. The first to leave was Merannor. Some say he betrayed his siblings, others say they parted in peace, but he and his descendants traveled into the caves and mines of the world. There they spread rapidly, always driven by the sense of inferiority that drove their ancestor to reach the pinnacle of his abilities and burn out his weaknesses.


Wood Elves and High Elves

Next, Ferania and her people stopped in a massive forest. There they created their city of El’Farin or “Fair Wood.” The queen of El’Farin is chosen by the elf with the most direct line to their ancestor. Over time, some of Ferania’s people adopted the ways of their human neighbors. Eventually they felt out of place and many left, styling themselves as “high elves” and believed they had reached a level of power above their “wood elf” cousins.


Moon Elves

For a time, Denalis and his children lived in El’Farin, but they did not find happiness there. The woods did not call to them, they were called to the moon. As they traveled east, they encountered a mountain that towered above all others. They named it Lune Mountain and made it their home. Shortly thereafter, they understood their purpose. The God of the Moon, Tidron, had called them there. The Moon Elves and Tidron grew close, and when Tidron was struck down by Aranayan, they dedicated their race to his care and survival.

Recent History-The Elves on Azkon

Each race of elf came to Azkon differently.


Moon Elves

Moon elves traveled willingly in search of ways to heal Tidron, God of the Moon, who had been struck down by Aranayan and lay dying on Lune Mountain. They formed loose connections in the Pan Fafnir Mountains, but were ultimately unsuccessful. Aranayan moved Lune Mountain to Azkon in order to reach Tidron. There Aranayan admitted his mistake in originally punishing Tidron and passed his powers to him. Tidron-turned-Aranayan left Lune Mountain. With no sense of purpose, the Moon Elves wasted away. Some were saved by the Wood Elf Queen, Queen Si, and transformed into Wood Elves; others died on the mountain. The mountain has been renamed The Mountain of Sorrow.


Dark Elves

Like the other elves, Dark Elves have naturally evolved to better suit themselves to their environment and, over time have skewed slightly smaller and leaner on the physical scale than their Elven cousins on the surface, the better to fit themselves to the tunnels below Azkon. Their home is a dangerous place, and the Dark Elves have settled into caverns just big enough to house several families for the purpose of banding together when needed to fend off major threats to their way of life. To an outsider, a Dark Elf may seem selfish, manipulative, and out for themselves and their clan. That is because these things are true. A Dark Elf has at all times their order of priorities as such; family first, their self second, and anyone or anything else a distant third. Among the Dark Elves, gender or birth station matters not at all. Family though, family is all important and must be defended fiercely. The clans are ruled by the strongest, typically the oldest, members of each house and their authority is absolute. They seek order through unity and a singular purpose directed by the will of their council–power.  However, that does not mean all actions towards surfacers are cruel and selfish, dark elves believe that their philosophy will better the world and spread it willingly to other races. For only through a unified seeking of order and power can the mortal races reclaim the divine heritage that their predecessors enjoyed.


High Elves

High elves came to Azkon as slaves of the Arkatian Empire, like most races, nearly 1,000 years ago. They worked as servants, slowly using their closeness with humans, and their mastery of runic magic, to gather information and power. After the continents were sundered, the newly formed Hazon Empire found itself in a much less powerful position. Over the next several hundred years, the High Elves worked themselves into positions of great power in the Empire, although some question how it is that the strongest High Elves of Hazon live as long as they do…


Wood Elves

Wood elves were taken as slaves by the Hazon Empire and escaped by coordination with other races held as slaves, including orcs. After the fall of the Empire, most Wood Elves gathered in various tribes on the Wild Plains. In the year 1,017 Queen Si married the human King of Garresh, Jorrin Thorn, and formed the Kingdom of Alindariel in the woods of Garresh. Now her people live there.