Explore a world of fantasy!

The main town of Silverhill is a melting pot of multiple races, kingdoms, and factions. Where do you fit in?

Use your skills for good .. or evil!

Many weapons are available such as swords, shields, axes, knives, etc. Even the flows of magic can be yours to command!

A place of acceptance and understanding

You can be anything that you can imagine

Crafting? You can do that!

Armor, weapons, potions and more can be utilized for any purpose under the sun.

The road to adventure lies ahead!

Come join us and find out what it's all about!

Welcome to Kanarak, a fantasy Live Action Role Play game!

Knights and Nobles and Rogues and Kids gather together in the small town of Silverhill on the west end of the kingdom of Lastrandus. Archers and swordsmen protect the walls, clerics keep them alive with gifts of healing while the wizards and battle mages cast arcane spells over head. Through it all, the melodious song of the bards singing the warriors on to greater feats of heroism can be heard.

In the surrounding forest, the war drums of the barbarian tribes can be heard, their shaman's chants rising above the din. Nimble and quick, the elven scouts and rangers drift from tree to tree spying out the threat of invading orcs.

This is a world of adventure, of fantasy, a world where families can escape the cares and troubles of the 'everyday'.